Is Just Mercy a good movie?

It follows a pretty traditional arc, but this prison/courtroom drama is still effectively tense and moving thanks to fine performances and the picture it presents of simmering racial injustice. Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, Just Mercy almost always feels like a movie.

Is Just Mercy worth watching?

Our Take: Just Mercy is a rock-solid legal drama whose undeniable earnestness makes up for its lack of frills. Director Destin Daniel Cretton (the extraordinary Short Term 12) tonally situates the film in a comfortable spot between melodrama and procedural, and maintains a calm, steady, firm grip on our interest.

Is Just Mercy OK for kids?

Just Mercy is rated PG-13 for for thematic content including some racial epithets. I would recommend it for ages 13 and up. If you feel your tween can handle the emotional weight of the film, then I would even say ages 10 and up.

Why is mercy rated R?

There is some swearing in the film and a few outbursts of police and prison guard violence and intimidation.

Is Just Mercy historically accurate?

Notably compared to other recent dramatizations of real life stories, Just Mercy appears to be a fittingly truthful depiction of Bryan Stevenson’s life and career as a lawyer fighting for the rights of prisoners and death row inmates.

How old should you be to watch Just Mercy?

Heavy topics and racial abuse – I suggest everyone 18+ for this movie. R: racial abuse, intense thematic violent content, and some strong language.

Why Just Mercy is an important film?

Just Mercy emphasizes social justice, enumerating the variety of flaws of a criminal justice system blinded by racism and handicapped by poverty.

Is Bryan Stevenson still a lawyer?

Bryan Stevenson

What is the conflict in Just Mercy?

In Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson raises an alarming concern about the racial climate of the United States. Slavery is a blemish on our nation’s history that rarely gets recognized and the wounds it has created are continuing to fester. How can something that is hidden from the light be healed?

Why did Bryan Stevenson wrote Just Mercy?

Stevenson then describes his own background growing up in a rural, racially segregated region in Delaware. His family was hardworking but poor. Stevenson explains that he wrote Just Mercy to shed light on mass incarceration, extreme punishment, and unfair judgment of others.

How does Just Mercy movie end?

With all his evidence, Bryan files to get Johnny D a new trial, and calls many witnesses to the stand – all the people who saw Johnny at the fish fry, a police officer who admits he was asked to lie about the crime, and finally Myers. Though he hesitates, Myers eventually admits he lied and that Johnny D is innocent.

What is the movie mercy about?

Family members are intent on protecting their dying mother from the wrath of a religious sect.


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