Is Jason X the last movie?

Due to being set in the future, Jason X is chronologically the final film in the original series.

What movie is after Jason X?

FilmU.S. release dateScreenwriter(s)
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes ManhattanJuly 28, 1989Rob Hedden
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final FridayAugust 13, 1993Jay Huguely & Dean Lorey
Jason XApril 26, 2002Todd Farmer
Freddy vs. JasonAugust 15, 2003Damian Shannon & Mark Swift

Will there be a Freddy vs Jason 2?

Will Freddy Vs Jason 2 Ever Happen? Despite enduring fan interest, Freddy Vs Jason 2 is unlikely to come together now.

What is the newest Jason movie?

Friday the 13th: Vengeance
StarringC.J. Graham Steve Dash Kelly Tappan Luke Schuck Jason Brooks as Jason Voorhees
ComposerHarry Manfredini
Production Company/DistributorBrownspace Films
Release DateSeptember 13, 2019

What is the last Jason movie?

2. Friday the 13th – Part VI: Jason Lives – Jason Lives! is the last notable Friday the 13th movie, and arguably the most purely entertaining entry in the whole series.

Is Friday the 13th Part 5 canon?

Not only is this the only movie where Jason doesn’t appear, but there’s also conflicting evidence whether Friday the 13th Part V should be considered canon at all. It makes complete sense why some Friday the 13th fans view A New Beginning as non-canon simply because Jason was not directly involved in the killing spree.

Who was the best Jason Voorhees?

Kane Hodder is the best known of the stuntmen to portray Jason Voorhees, having played the character in four consecutive films. The character’s physical appearance has gone through many transformations, with various special makeup effects artists, including Stan Winston, making their mark on the character’s design.

How many Freddy vs Jason movies are there?

When it comes to long-running horror franchises, the two that come to everybody’s mind are the “Nightmare On Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th” series. Both incredibly iconic (and fodder for Halloween costumes ’til the end of time), the franchises boast 20 films in total.

How old is Jason?

Jason Voorhees
SeriesFriday The 13th
BirthdayJune 13, 1946

Is Friday the 13th a true story?

Is Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees Based on a True Story? Friday the 13th creators denied taking inspiration from real-life events; however, a Finland massacre bears an eerie resemblance to the franchise.

Is Friday the 13th 2009 canon?

Canon is the definition of Official material for a series such as Friday the 13th has two separate canon universes, the Original canon is from Friday the 13th to Freddy Vs Jason. While the new canon universe and the separate universe is the 2009 Friday the 13th film which is a revision of the original first 3 films.

Is Jason X the 10th movie?

It is the tenth installment in the Friday the 13th franchise, the first one since 1993’s Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. In the film, Jason is cryogenically frozen for 445 years and awakens in 2455, after being found by a group of students, whom he subsequently stalks and kills one by one.

Did Uber jason survive?

As Tsunaron picks up her still functioning head, Jason attacks them, but is stopped by Waylander, who sacrifices himself by setting off the charges while the others escape. Jason survives and is blown back onto the shuttle. He punches a hole through the hull, blowing out Janessa.

Will there be a sequel to Jason X?

Friday the 13th: The Jason X Sequel Comic is Even Crazier Than The Movie. Friday the 13th: Jason vs Jason X saw the iconic slasher Jason Voorhees fight his worst enemy: the upgraded future version of himself.

Who is better Michael Myers or Jason?

The Victor – Jason Voorhees (By A Large Margin) – Jason is physically stronger than Myers and can take more damage. His only real weakness seems to be water which won’t necessarily kill him since he is already dead. Myers on the other hand focuses too much on wiping out his own bloodline.

Is Jason getting another movie?

Jason Rising: A Friday the 13th Fan Film (2021) – IMDb.

Will there be a new Jason movie in 2022?

Friday the 13th
Release DateMay 13, 2022
CountryUnited States

Will there be a Friday the 13th movie in 2023?

Universal Pictures have just announced the release date for M3GAN, a new horror story from Malignant’s writer and James Wan. Because you always need more Blumhouse horror films to look forward to, here’s a new date to mark down on your calendar.

Will there be a Friday the 13th in 2022?

Any common year of 365 days – that starts on a Saturday – has a solitary Friday the 13th in the month of May. 2022 started on a Saturday. And 2022 has 365 days. So, in this case, May 13, 2022 is our sole Friday the 13th for this year.

Will there be a 13th Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th is a cancelled horror film that was meant to be released on October 13, 2017, and was meant to be the 13th installment in the Friday the 13th franchise.

How many Friday the 13th are there in 2025?

YearFriday the 13th Dates
2022Friday, May 13
2023Friday, January 13 Friday, October 13
2024Friday, September 13 Friday, December 13
2025Friday, June 13

How many Friday the 13th are in 2021?

For example, 2015 had a Friday the 13th in February, March, and November; 2017 through 2020 had two Friday the 13ths each; 2016, 2021 and 2022 had just one occurrence of Friday the 13th each; 2023 and 2024 will have two Friday the 13ths each.


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