Is Hocus Pocus a PG 13 movie?

While many viewers may consider Hocus Pocus a children’s movie, it has an abundance of PG-13 jokes. Some of the script may be a little bit cheesy, but what else do you expect from a 1993 Disney movie.

Is Hocus Pocus PG 13?

Is Hocus Pocus OK for a 7 year old?

Common Sense Media says Hocus Pocus is for ages 10+.

Can a 10 year old watch Halloween?

Halloween as an R-rated property with numerous movies under its umbrella (and another, Halloween Kills, on the way), some of which are scarier or more violent than others, but none of which are really meant for young kids.

Is Hocus Pocus a scary movie?

9. Hocus Pocus. Why it’s scary: Although the Sanderson sisters are mostly hilarious and the spunky main characters handle themselves around the witches, there are still a number of spooky scenes in this one that younger kiddos may not like.

What does a virgin mean in Hocus Pocus?

Hocus Pocus explaining virgins to kids since 1993 – After all, if you’re a virgin, you’re the most likely person to bring witches back from the dead. Incidentally, if you’re a virgin, you’re also more likely to survive a 80s or 90s slasher movie, so it’s not totally bad I guess.

Why is Hocus Pocus so good?

It helps that Hocus Pocus hits the sweet spot for a Halloween movie: it’s not horror, it’s appropriate for children, it has immediately recognizable costumes, and – despite its narrative failings – it’s just really fun to watch with family.

Is Hocus Pocus a good film?

Hocus pocus is a timeless classic. The perfect Halloween movie, a combination of minor scares, great laughs, and some killer costumes. The most iconic three witches in all of Salem. I rewatch this multiple times every Halloween season, and it only gets better.

Is Casper OK for 5 year old?

In all, we would recommend ‘Casper’ as suitable for children aged 6 and above. Other Notes: Deals with themes of bereavement, loss of a parent, single parenting, loneliness, subservience, peer pressure, bullying, popularity, greed, and unfinished business.

Is Beetlejuice OK for 7 year old?

Despite the PG rating by the MPAA, because of the curse words, scary moments, and various adult references, Common Sense Media rated Beetlejuice as appropriate for ages 13 and up.

Is Halloweentown too scary?

Parents need to know that this made-for-TV movie contains some mildly scary scenes involving a nasty warlock who’s just as scary to look at as he is to listen to; his reptilian-like face and bellowing, angry voice are a frightful combination.

What age is Corpse Bride suitable for?

Therefore, we would recommend that this movie is suitable for children aged 7 and up. Dialogue: 3/5 (several references to death and murder.

What curse words are in Hocus Pocus?

Profanity (3) – 6 uses of “damn”, 4 uses of “hell”, plus 9 uses of “virgin” and 2 uses of “yabos” (used during a discussion of a teen girl’s breasts). Several insults including “trollop”, “broad”, “wench”, “oinker”, “moron” and “jerk-face”.

Can 2 year olds watch Nightmare Before Christmas?

The only concern for parents of young children under 5 years old, according to parent forums, is the pseudo-violence and creepy images.

What age can watch Beetlejuice?

The effects look old and I think kids of age 11+ will not be spooked by the scenes.

Is Hocus Pocus OK for children?

Is the nightmare before Christmas appropriate for a 4 year old?

Age Range: Six and up. First graders should be mature enough to watch “Nightmare” and not get too freaked out over it. But for real, don’t go showing this to a three-year-old.

Why is Hocus Pocus PG?

Is Hocus Pocus a family friendly movie?

Is Goonies considered a Halloween movie?

Although it’s not your typical Halloween movie, “The Goonies” still embodies all the fun of the holiday, complete with a deformed cyclops and packed with adventure; all with the importance of friendship at the center of it.


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