Is haywire a series?

“Haywire,” a 2011 action movie starring Channing Tatum and Gina Carano, is in development as a small-screen series at Relativity TV.

Is there a sequel to the movie Haywire?

Get Ready For Haywire 2: Live Free Or Wire Hay – UPROXX.

How did the movie Haywire end?

Haywire ends with Mallory learning of her setup – She inadvertently led the journalist to Studer, who killed him, but she was framed with the murder after it came out she planned on leaving the private intelligence firm she used to be a part of.

Where was haywire filmed?

Film development was announced in September 2009 with the title Knockout, later changed to Haywire. The screenplay was written to be shot in Dublin. The film was shot mostly in Ireland, with principal photography spanning from February 2, 2010 to March 25, 2010 with a budget of approximately $25 million.

What is haywire the movie about?

Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is a highly trained operative for a government security contractor. Her missions take her to the world’s most dangerous areas. After Mallory successfully frees a hostage journalist, she’s betrayed and left for dead by someone in her own agency. Knowing her survival depends on learning the truth behind the double-cross, Mallory uses her black-ops training to set a trap. But when things go awry, Mallory knows she’ll die unless she can turn the tables on her adversary.


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