Is Hashnode only for developers?

Hashnode does not restrict you when it comes to your article topics. Since it’s your blog, you can write about anything you want. [4/7] Hashnode is a platform geared towards developers , & most articles are about technical topics. But, let’s not forget that developers are humans too.

What is Hashnode used for?

Instantly find your audience – Every time you write an article, Hashnode publishes it on your domain and shares it with the dev community members on the homepage. The readers are directed to your website to read and interact with your content.

What is a hash node?

NodeJS is hashing the UTF-8 representation of the string. Other languages (like Python, PHP or PERL) are hashing the byte string. We can add binary argument to use the byte string.

How do I create a Devblog?

Creating a Developer Blog

Can I earn from Hashnode?

Hashnode Sponsors is a new way to monetize your developer blogs. It is an inbuilt 1:1 micropayment service that lets readers sponsor their favorite bloggers. When someone sponsors your work via Hashnode Sponsors, you will receive the money instantly to your bank account.

Is Hashnode open source?

You don’t need me to tell you that open source software is kind of a big deal in the month of October. Hashnode welcomes hackers of all languages, libraries and frameworks to share your open source experiences with our community this month—and we’ve got plenty of good reasons why you should!

What is the best blogging platform for developers?

freeCodeCamp is one of the best choices if you just want a lot of people to read your writing. They run their publication similar to a traditional academic journal. One benefit is you don’t have to worry about building or maintaining your own blog.

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