Is Good Burger a kid friendly movie?

Funny storyline, but ruined by disappointing acting and crude humor. Younger kids will definitely enjoy more than teenagers and adults.

What is the movie Good Burger rated?


Is Good Burger based on In-N-Out?

And don’t even get us started on their shakes. You wouldn’t believe that the menu at Southern California-based Monty’s Good Burger is entirely plant-based seeing as though their burgers taste EXACTLY like In-N-Out, but buddy, have we got some news for you — it is.

Is Good Boys suitable for a 11 year old?

Parents need to know that Good Boys is a very raunchy comedy about sixth-graders hoping to attend a kissing party. Though it’s funny and eventually rather sweet, it’s not for kids.

Is Bob’s Burgers a kid show?

This show has a lot of food and drinks in it. Parents show know that it is for kids but not for kids undec the age of 14 and up because they talk like 14 year olds.

What age rating is Bob’s Burgers movie?

The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be in UK, Irish and U.S cinemas from 27th May. It has a runtime of one hour and 42 minutes and comes with an age rating of PG13 in the US, which means we are likely to see the BBFC hand the movie a 12 in the UK.

Is Ed from Good Burger special needs?

Fast forward to today, though, and it’s hard for an adult not to notice that Ed displays symptoms of autism. Most noticeably, he takes what people say literally and displays inappropriate social interaction. For example, a customer asks for a burger with nothing on it. Ed gives the customer a bun and nothing else.


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