Is Gods of Egypt a good movie?

If you enjoy a good fantasy movie with roots in actual ancient history, then “Gods of Egypt” is definitely worth your time and money. I do think, however, that “Gods of Egypt” is the type of movie that you can watch every now and again with some years in between each watching.

Is Gods of Egypt a comedy?

Gods of Egypt is a 2016 fantasy action film directed by Alex Proyas based on a fantastical version of some ancient Egyptian deities.

What is the plot of Gods of Egypt?

The survival of mankind hangs in the balance when Set (Gerard Butler), the merciless god of darkness, usurps Egypt’s throne and plunges the prosperous empire into chaos and conflict. Hoping to save the world and rescue his true love, a defiant mortal named Bek (Brenton Thwaites) forms an unlikely alliance with the powerful god Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Their battle against Set and his henchmen takes them into the afterlife and across the heavens for an epic confrontation.

Is there a Gods of Egypt 2?

Gods of Egypt 2: Resurrection of Set is a 2021-premiered film based on Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and other Mythologies. It crosses over many mythological pantheons.

How long is the movie Gods of Egypt?

2h 7m

How old are Egyptian gods?

Age Appropriate For: 13+.

Who directed Gods of Egypt?

Alex Proyas

Why Prince of Egypt is a masterpiece?

To make a long story short, The Prince of Egypt is a cinematic masterpiece and continues to be one of Dreamworks’ best to this day. The story isn’t just for children – it has almost much more power as a re-watching when you’re all grown up, and you really get to understand the meaning of it.

Who voices God in Prince of Egypt?

Val Kilmer provided a voice for both Moses and God.

Is Prince of Egypt on Netflix?

You can now rewatch the classic “The Prince of Egypt” to your heart’s content. The 1998 animated film about biblical character Moses is now streaming on Netflix.

Is Prince of Egypt 2d or 3D?

One of the ways in which work on The Prince of Egypt resulted in a technical breakthrough, was in the use of 3D/CGI techniques, where three-dimensional “models” were created in a computer, and then manipulated in a three-dimensional, computer generated environment to create the final image.


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