Is Geralds game a good movie?

Critic Reviews for Gerald’s Game – Unsurprisingly, the film is [Mike Flanagan’s] most accomplished to date, the result of the years he’s spent giving a damn about his characters and their anguish. He’s so good at it, he even makes it look easy. Despite the rather absurd premise, it’s well worth a watch.

Should I watch Gerald’s Game?

It is scary because it is one of the darkest films you will ever see. Gerald’s Game explores topics like misogyny and child abuse in gory detail and it is advised to watch the film only if you can handle them.

Is Gerald’s game for kids?

Strictly for horror fans who don’t mind the “eww” factor along with some strong conceptual content. Definitely not for kids.

Is Geralds game a feminist film?

Gerald’s Game is a timely, feminist locked-room horror movie – Almost the entirety of the film takes place in a single room — the master bedroom of the remote lake cottage that Jessie (Carla Gugino) and her husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) have rented for an isolated weekend retreat.

Is Geralds game Scary Reddit?

It was so gripping and disturbing. I actually think it’s one of King’s scariest books.

How old is Jessie in Gerald’s Game?

Gerald begins to call Jessie “Mouse”, which unsettles her. This triggers a memory of her father, Tom, who affectionately referred to her as “Mouse.” She is 12 years old, vacationing at a lake house with her family.

What is the point of Gerald’s Game?

Gerald’s Game is a story about all-too-human monsters – “Jessie, you married into the only dynamic you understand,” her alter ego tells her while she’s shackled to the bed. Since she could never fully admit just how monstrous her father was, neither could she admit it about her husband.

Does Gerald’s Game have a good ending?

The ending of Gerald’s Game has Jessie realizing that facing off with her monster is the ultimate thing she needs to do to be free of her past. This is she facing her fears. When she sees Raymond, he looks back at her and says “You’re not real. You’re only made of moonlight”.

Is Geralds Game disturbing?

Gerald’s Game (2017) | DISTURBING BREAKDOWN

How graphic is Gerald’s Game?

As 2017’s most recent Stephen King adaptation, Gerald’s Game is not for the faint of heart. The Netflix original from Hush and Oculus director Mike Flanagan is full of horrors, both psychological and gory in nature. So, if you’re wondering how scary Gerald’s Game is, the answer is: very.

Is Gerald’s Game bloody?

It’s an undeniably brutal scene, one that is not only gory and bloody but is also accompanied the entire time by Jessie’s screams of pain. Taking all that into account, it’s easy to see why it’s the scene in “Gerald’s Game” that some viewers think probably went a little too far.

Is there a serial killer in Gerald’s Game?

Raymond Andrew Joubert, alternatively known as the Space Cowboy, Moonlight Man or The Man Made of Moonlight is the main antagonist of the Stephen King novel Gerald’s Game and its 2017 film adaptation. He is a serial killer and necrophile.


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