Is Gangs of Wasseypur real story?

The film mainly draws its story from the real life gang wars that took place in the region of Dhanbad, Jharkhand. There are several differences in the film which contradict actual documented events most notably the character of Faizal Khan (based on Faheem Khan) who dies in the climax.

Who killed Faizal Khan in Gangs of Wasseypur?

Faizal is then shot dead by Definite, released by the police. It is revealed that J.P. was the architect of the massacre and Definite is seen free, walking towards his mother. Four years later, in 2009, Mohsina and Nasir have moved to Mumbai with Faizal’s young son, Feroz. Definite now rules Wasseypur.

Who was the father of Sardar Khan?

History. He was born to Shahid Khan and his wife. his mother dies after his birth . His father worked for Ramadhir Singh as a henchman, and His father is killed by Yadav on the instructions of Ramadhir.

Who is the Don of wasseypur?

Fahim Khan, the inspiration behind Anurag Kashyap directed ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, on Wednesday sought parole for two months from the Jharkhand High court to participate in the marriage of his child.

Why Dhanbad is famous?

It is known for its coal mines and industrial establishments; the city is surrounded by about 112 coal mines with a total production of 27.5 million tonnes and an annual income of 7,000 million rupees through coal business.


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