Is Flashdance a good film?

Flashdance is not a particularly good film, nor is it memorable on its cinematic merits. It proffers cheesy drama, amateurish acting, and a staple fairy tale plot – but audiences ate it up. Part of that had to do with the music – the soundtrack album was amazingly successful – and part had to do with the film’s look.

Is Flashdance appropriate for kids?

Parents need to know that, despite its R rating, Midwest working-class setting, and sexy vibe, Flashdance is largely a fairy tale, a glamorous wish-fulfillment pop fantasy for teen girls on what being an adult is like.

Can an 8 year old watch Dirty Dancing?

For Teens not Tweens! – Very disappointed that Common Sense lists this movie as okay for 12 years and up considering a character is jilted after having sex/becoming pregnant and then seriously injured after a sketchy abortion. These themes are far too adult for 6th graders!

Can a 9 year old watch Dirty Dancing?

Is Dirty Dancing too mature for younger viewers? Yes, but a it’s a great movie for teens! Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze headline this romance about a girl at a camp who cannot date a dance instructor, but must do it in secret.

Is Dirty Dancing inappropriate?

Parents need to know that Dirty Dancing is a 1960s-set forbidden romance starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. It’s a guilty pleasure for many due to several campy scenes, flashy dance sequences, and appealing performances by its main characters.

Why is fame rated R?

This is the PG version of the R-rated original from 1980. For thematic material including teen drinking, a sexual situation and language.

Was the dancer in Flashdance a man?

ONE of the professional dancers who doubled for Jennifer Beals during the iconic audition scene at the end of Flashdance was actually a man. Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón was drafted in to perform the breakdancing elements of the routine which were too difficult for Jennifer’s two regular body doubles.

Who did the actual dancing in Flashdance?

Marine Jahan was Jennifer Beals’ body double for the dancing scenes. Jahan was kept hidden from the press because the filmmakers did not want to ruin the illusion. Alex’s leap through the air in the audition scene was done by gymnast Sharon Shapiro and the break-dancing was done by Crazy Legs.

Why is footloose rated PG 13?

Footloose (2011) is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some teen drug and alcohol use, sexual content, violence and language. Violence: Characters engage in dangerous stunts including racing buses, standing on the train tracks and driving after drinking.

Where was Flashdance filmed?

Much of the film was shot in locations in and around Pittsburgh. In the opening sequence, Alex (Beals) begins riding her bicycle on Warren Street at the intersection of Catoma Street.

Is Kevin Bacon in Flashdance? Footloose / Flashdance (Double Feature) : Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, John Lithgow, Herbert Ross: Movies & TV.

Who did the ice skating in Flashdance?

Sunny Johnson, 30, Actress; Was Skater in ‘Flashdance’ – The New York Times.

Did Flashdance win any awards?

What is a Flash dancer?

Essentially, a dance flash mob is a group of people gathering at an open space who suddenly break into a choreographed dance routine usually to the delight of an unsuspecting audience.

Did 1984 win any awards?

The lavish epic film (with eleven nominations and two wins – for Best Supporting Actress (Peggy Ashcroft) and Best Original Score – for Maurice Jarre – his third Oscar for a David Lean film) was based on E. M.

When did Dirty Dancing come out?

Here’s Everything We Know So Far. Jennifer Grey will return for what’s been dubbed “one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood.” The original Dirty Dancing movie became a worldwide phenomenon following its release in 1987.

Is there a remake of Flashdance?

The series aired its fourth and final season in September. The McMillan- and Robinson-led Flashdance reboot is set to revolve around a young Black woman with ballet dreams and a strip club reality who struggles to find her place in the world while navigating romance, money, art, friendship and how to love herself.

Does Flashdance hold up?

Now, there are things about this film that are enjoyable. The soundtrack holds up spectacularly (Flashdance was nominated for several Oscars that year, including for best film editing and best cinematography, but it only won one award: for best original song). And it’s still truly a pleasure to watch Beals’ dancing.

Is Flashdance problematic?

In every sense, Flashdance is a fantasy of empowerment and social mobility. Of course, this fantasy has its problematic elements especially the romantic subplot. Many relationships begin in the workplace. Yet, the romance between Alex and her boss Nick comes across as very troubling.

Does Flashdance pass the Bechdel test?

Flashdance (1983) – This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by mjau on 2013-03-11 09:30:41.

Why is it called Flashdance?

By 1981, the script, which Casablanca producer Lynda Obst helped Hedley hone over several months, had been sold to Paramount. Initially known as Depot Bar and Grill, it now had a new name: Flashdance. “The moment that fashion, music, and dance collided into a single image,” Hedley explains. “In a second, in a flash.”

Is Flashdance based on a true story?

Flashdance was inspired by the real-life story of Maureen Marder, a construction worker/welder by day and dancer by night at Gimlets, a Toronto strip club. Like Alex Owens in the film, she aspired to enroll in a prestigious dance school.

Is Footloose good for kids?

Age Appropriate for: 15+. It’s mainly sexy stuff, like sexually charged dancing, an implied sex scene, some kissing and lewd talk. Otherwise there’s cursing, drug use and drinking, and some violence, like relationship abuse and a car crash.

Is Flashdance a feminist movie?

Both Dirty Dancing and Flashdance tackle the theme of gender, which englobes the ideas of feminism, femininity and female sexual liberation.

Who did the dancing in Footloose?

Over 150 different pairs of feet were shot. The dancer with the gold shoes was Kenny Loggins. In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern, Kevin Bacon admitted that he has actually tipped DJs at weddings NOT to play Footloose. He stated that people expect him to dance the song as he did in the movie.

What was Flashdance movie about?

Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) is a beautiful young woman who works a day job in a steel mill and dances in a bar at night. When Alex discovers that her handsome boss, Nick Hurley (Michael Nouri), is both interested in her and supportive of her performing career, she renews her efforts to get accepted into a prestigious dance conservatory. Although Alex is frightened of failure, she is cheered on by Nick, as well as by her mentor, former ballet performer Hanna Long (Lilia Skala).

How is jazz different from ballet?

Jazz is based upon natural body movements and is more fluid, whereas Ballet is more vibrant. Ballet is performance oriented whereas jazz is for one’s own satisfaction, a foot tapping dance. The structure and technique of ballet are far more complex than that of jazz dance.

What happened at the end of Flashdance?

For the movie’s final scene, her character, Alex Owens, performs a complicated routine featuring a break dancing move called the whip backspin, which entails spinning continuously on her back, with her legs tucked in to her chest.

Where was footloose filmed?

Filming. The film was shot at various locations in Utah County, Utah. The high school and tractor scenes were filmed in and around Payson and Payson High School. The church scenes were filmed in American Fork and the steel mill was the Geneva Steel mill in Vineyard.


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