Is First Cow worth watching?

It is touching, tender, original, entrancing, definitely the best cow film of the year. Plus it’s also a quietly masterful thriller where a clafoutis (blueberry) will have you on the edge of your seat. Reichardt works in delicate movements as a storyteller.

Is First Cow a good movie?

For a while, Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow was the best movie of 2020 that hardly anyone had seen. Its release rollout began in early March, but COVID-19 lockdowns soon shuttered theaters, and many film buffs were left reading a bevy of positive reviews for a film they couldn’t watch.

Why is the First Cow PG 13?

Why is First Cow rated PG-13? The MPAA rated First Cow PG-13 for brief strong language.

Where was First Cow filmed?

First Cow filmed exclusively in the state of Oregon, and marks Reichardt’s fifth project filmed in her home state. According to Cinemaholic, First Cow filmed in multiple Oregon locations, including Oxbow Regional Park, Milo McIver State Park, San Salvador Beach, Sauvie Island, Elkton, and even Portland.

Does First Cow end badly?

What is the First Cow ending? Eventually, Cookie and King Lu get found out, and are forced to run for their lives. They get separated but eventually find their way back to each other. Unfortunately, Cookie injured his head, and can’t keep up with Lu as they continue to run from Chief Factor and his henchmen.

What’s First Cow about?

Two travellers, on the run from a band of vengeful hunters in the 1820s Northwest, dream of striking it rich — but their tenuous plan to make their fortune on the frontier comes to rely on the secret use of a landowner’s prized dairy cow.

Is there a cow movie?

Produced byKat Mansoor
CinematographyMagda Kowalczyk
Edited byRebecca Lloyd Jacob Schulsinger Nicolas Chaudeurge
Production companiesBBC Film Halycon Pictures Doc Society


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