Is Exorcist 2021 a remake?

According to Weintraub in his Collider chat with the director, Green plans to continue the original story rather than remake it, with Leslie Odom Jr.

Is The Exorcist being remade?

Universal is not remaking “The Exorcist,” which was directed by William Friedkin from a screenplay that William Peter Blatty adapted from his own novel. But the studio will, for the first time, return the Oscar-winning Ms. Burstyn to the franchise.

Who is in The Exorcist remake?

Universal is set to pay $400m for the rights to a new trilogy continuing the story of The Exorcist. The new films will see original star Ellen Burstyn reprise her Oscar-nominated role of Chris MacNeil alongside Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr as a father tracking her down when his daughter is possessed.

What is The Exorcist 2021 about?

Sequel to the 1973 film about a 12-year-old girl who is possessed by a mysterious demonic entity, forcing her mother to seek the help of two priests to save her.

What is the new Exorcist movie?

Untitled The Exorcist film
Story byScott Teems Danny McBride David Gordon Green Peter Sattler
Based onThe Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
Produced byJason Blum David Robinson James G. Robinson
StarringLeslie Odom Jr. Ellen Burstyn

How many remakes of The Exorcist are there?

The Exorcist
Novel(s)The Exorcist (1971) Legion (1983)
Films and television
Film(s)The Exorcist (1973) Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) The Exorcist III (1990) Exorcist: The Beginning (2004) Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005)
Television seriesThe Exorcist (2016–2017)

Are there 2 versions of The Exorcist?

As most of you probably know, there are two versions of the film – the original 1973 cut and then a “Version You’ve Never Seen” (aka director’s cut) that was released in the fall of 2000, where it became the first movie I ever went to see theatrically despite owning at home (even the Star Wars films – I never owned a

Is there a divine fury 2?

The Divine Fury will have a sequel – Mostly because the focus was more on action than on the characters. However, a sequel is already being teased at the end and I’m definitely ready to watch it.

What scenes were removed from The Exorcist?

  • Chris MacNeil and Regan going sight-seeing in Washington;
  • after Chris hears about Burke’s death, Regan crawls down the stairs upside down on her arms and legs like a spider and then chases Chris and Sharon around the room;

How long is The Exorcist theatrical version?

Theatrical Cut (121 min.) Altered Theatrical Cut (121 min.) Extended Director’s Cut (132 min.)

Is The Exorcist censored?

When it was released in America in December 1973, critics called it sickening, gruesome and hateful; churches tried to ban it; and cinema-goers fainted. But after more than 25 years The Exorcist has now been approved by the censors to be available, uncut, on video with an 18 rating.


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