Is DC movies worth watching?

Is it worth watching DC movies?

DCAMU(DC Animated Movie Universe) films- most of them have been amazing, some just good, definitely give them a watch. Joker(2019)- a more recent DC film. This doesn’t have loads of action but I think it’s a good film. It has a deep message and it’s truly unique compared to other films.

Why are DC movies so dark?

Originally Answered: Why is DC comic movies more darker than Marvel? The reason is because the Dark age of comic books happened. DC can both be lighter and softer (Teen Titans, Young Justice, Static, recently Lego Batman) and Darker. Marvel is predominately lighter, since most of their fans are teenagers and kids.

What is the biggest DC movie?

Aquaman (2018) – $1.148 Billion – Amazingly, in a universe that includes Batman and Superman, Aquaman is the movie that breaks the billion-dollar barrier.

What is more popular MCU or DC?

The Marvel franchise is undoubtedly more popular than DC.

Who is the most popular DC superhero?

Batman. Unsurprisingly, the Dark Knight himself endures as DC’s most loved superhero. Batman is second in popularity only to Marvel’s Spider-Man, with the former making up some of the comic book medium’s most acclaimed comics.

Why Aquaman is the best DC movie?

Despite his initial isolation and self-doubt issues, the movie strikes a very good balance between the fun side, not just of the character, but the situations he finds himself in, and the real issues that come from being an outsider and a reluctant hero. This is partly what makes it so effective.

Is Aquaman a good movie?

Critic Reviews for Aquaman – It is way too obvious, it’s got cheesy special effects, it feels like a 1980’s film with the jokes, and it’s trying too hard. Aquaman is a goofy, fun time if you don’t think too hard. February 7, 2019 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review… It’s a hoot.

How many DC movies exist?

There are 28 feature films produced by DC Comics and around 80 animated films. DC’s first time appearing in theatres was with Superman and the Mole Men in 1951. The company found real success with its Tim Burton-directed Batman trilogy that received its first entry in 1989’s Batman.

Which DCEU movies are worth watching?

  • Shazam! (2019)
  • Birds of Prey (2020)
  • Aquaman (2018)
  • Wonder Woman (2017)
  • The Suicide Squad (2021)
  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

Is The Dark Knight a DC film?

The Dark Knight is a 2008 superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan from a screenplay he co-wrote with his brother Jonathan. Based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, it is the sequel to Batman Begins (2005) and the second installment in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Which is better Marvel or DC movies?

One last thing to consider is that Marvel is essentially Disney, and they have way more production power than DC, which makes movies with Warner Bros. The best way to describe DC vs. Marvel is this quote from the European Business Review: “Marvel movies have more characters; this also gives them a competitive edge.

Which superhero is most popular?

If you go by at least one analysis of the past year’s Google search data, that hero is Spider-Man. According to online entertainment retailer Zavvi, the web slinger is the world’s most popular superhero with more than 5 million average searches per month.

Who’s winning DC or Marvel?

Looking at sheer quantity, DC is the obvious winner in this match-up. Warner Bros. is offering five DC films in 2022 compared to Marvel Studios’ three. But aside from that, DC also wins in terms of variety, making their slate more exciting overall.

Who won Marvel vs DC?

In the end, Storm emerged victorious, giving Marvel the edge having won six of the fights. Aquaman, Elektra, Flash, Robin, Silver Surfer, Thor, Wolverine, Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman also won their individual scraps.

Is DC more darker than Marvel?

(for the newer comics) The only thing that I feel is darker is DCeased, it’s definitely darker, bloodier than marvel zombies but thats about it. Also when you have heroes like Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Wolverine, hulk, evil Spider-Man, moonkight etc, I just don’t think DC is THAT much darker like everyone says.

Why is DC not as successful as Marvel?

1 WHY DC LOSES: POOR PLANNING – Much of DC’s struggle to edge out Marvel is the inability to create a successful franchise. While Marvel has given several of its heroes their respective trilogies, DC’s only successes are Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the Christopher Reeves’ Superman series.

What is DC’s best movie?

  • #1. The Dark Knight (2008) 94%
  • #2. Superman: The Movie (1978) 94%
  • #3. Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders (2016) 94%
  • #4. Wonder Woman (2017) 93%
  • #5. Teen Titans GO!
  • #6. Shazam! (
  • #7. The Suicide Squad (2021)
  • #8. The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

What is the lowest rated DC movie?

  1. 1 Batman Forever: 5.4.
  2. 2 Swamp Thing (1982): 5.4.
  3. 3 Superman III: 5.0.
  4. 4 Jonah Hex: 4.7.
  5. 5 The Return of Swamp Thing: 4.6.
  6. 6 Supergirl: 4.4.
  7. 7 Batman & Robin: 3.7.
  8. 8 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: 3.7.

Who was the first ever DC hero?

Texan lawman Jack Woods has the honor of being the first character to ever appear in a DC comic book. In 1935, National Allied Publications (which later became DC Comics) published New Fun Comics #1, and Jack Woods kicked off the action with his story appearing in its entirely on the cover.

What does DC stand for movies?

Detective Comics, Inc. soon launched a new anthology title, entitled Action Comics.

Is the DCEU getting better?

The films are getting better and better, and although the DCEU isn’t as good as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it certainly isn’t the weak franchise it once was. In fact, the DCEU has done a fair few things better than the MCU across its eight films so far.

Is Marvel better or is DC better?

In the ratings game, Marvel wins by a large margin: 66% of Marvel films are certified fresh compared to 54% of DC films. Between the box office numbers and ratings, Marvel is still coming out on top.

Who is the strongest superhero?

  1. 1 Superman Is DC’s Man Of Steel Who Overpowers Most Other Heroes.
  2. 2 Hulk And The Thing Frequently Battle For The Title Of The Strongest.
  3. 3 Wonder Woman Is An Amazonian Demigod With Enhanced Strength.
  4. 4 Thor Is An Asgardian Thunder God With An Enchanted Hammer.

Who was first superhero?

Created by Lee Falk (USA), the first superhero was The Phantom, who debuted in his own newspaper comic strip on 17 Feb 1936. It recounted the adventures of Kit Walker, who donned a mask and purple outfit to become The Phantom – aka “the ghost who walks”.

Why is DC so much better than Marvel?

The main reason why DC comics outshine Marvel comics is because the characters in the universe are more unique and more empowering. One of the most popular heroes in the DC universe is Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman.


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