Is Control Z appropriate for a 13 year old?

The official Control Z season 2 age rating as TV-MA. That’s the TV equivalent of an R-rated movie, so it’s designed for 18+. The rating is given due to the level of violence in the series.

Is Control Z high school?

Control Z is about a high school (El Colegio National) in Mexico City, with stereotypical jocks and mean girl groups.

Is Control Z inappropriate?

There’s lots of edgy content, including strong sexual innuendo, simulated sex acts, partial nudity, and images of genitals. There’s also crude references, and plenty of cursing in Spanish and English, including “f–k” and hateful slurs. Teen drinking and smoking is visible, too.

Is Control Z worth watching?

Overall, it’s a series that is entertaining, addictive, and has mass global appeal. June 10, 2020 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review… Like any good telenovela, the characters are as full of secrets as the show is full of clichés.

Does Netflix have Mr Robot?

Mr. Robot is streaming on Prime Video in the US and on Netflix in most other countries. There are 46 episodes, most around an hour long.

Is Javier The hacker in Control Z?

The news of Luis’s death tormented other students at National School, while in the meantime, Sofia, along with a new student named Javier Williams, who happened to be her love interest as well, investigated the anonymous hacker and finally found out that it was none other than their classmate, Raul Leon.

Is Control Z popular?

Parrot Analytics has found that the audience demand for Control Z is 0.4 times the demand of the average TV series in the United States in the last 30 days. 64.1% of all shows in this market have this level of demand.

Who is the hacker in Control Z season 1?

Secret Subject: Raúl León, who is revealed as the real hacker. Sofía and Raúl report Javier to Quintanilla by showing him the video of Guillermo’s murder. After initially reluctant to do so, he suspends Javier after Raúl blackmails him by threatening to leak his sex video to Nora.

What is Sophie’s Secret in Control Z?

She’s the daughter of Nora and Fernando, who she thought died in a fire. When she found out that her father didn’t die, she started to cut herself and she ended up in a clinic.

Who is the hacker in Control Z Netflix?

However, Sofia finds comfort in Raul, whom she makes love to toward the end of the season. However, as the camera pans down it shows a hacker mask under the bed. It was Raul all along! So Raul is the hacker.

Who is avenger in Control Z?

It’s Alex. Which isn’t surprising, really. Alex was friends with Luis and admired his art, obviously finding inspiration in it.

How many episodes of hacks are available?

No. of episodes18
Executive producersJen Statsky Paul W. Downs Lucia Aniello Michael Schur David Miner Morgan Sackett
ProducerMelanie J. Elin

Who is the avenger in Control Z season 2?

Control Z Season 2 Ending Explained – It is then revealed that she did not actually swallow the pills and did so just to fool the mysterious torturer. It is finally revealed that the Avenger is Alex, who blackmails Gerry and Raúl into entering the school building at night, where he forces Gerry to post an apology video.

Is Control Z making a season 2?

The cast members did get together to share the news that Control Z season 2 was picked up, but that’s all we’ve had so far. The lack of a trailer isn’t surprising with no filming.

What is the age rating for control?

Brand505 Games
Game ModesSingle-player
Age Rating (PEGI)16+
Always onlineNo

Why is Control game 18+?

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that Control is a third-person shooter for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. Players use guns and special mental abilities to shoot human enemies, smack them, and throw things at them, resulting in some bloodshed that includes seeing them explode.

Is Control a horror game?

It’s overtly a third-person action game based around paranormal encounters. However, there has been a fair amount of debate among gamers when it comes to the genre that the game falls in. It’s definitely a shooter game with how it plays, but some fans also want to classify it as a horror game.

What is the hiss in Control?

The Hiss, as named by Jesse Faden, is a hostile paranatural force of resonance that invaded the Oldest House on October 29, 2019, resulting in the near-destruction of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Why is control game rated M?

Very mild violence for a shooter. Fantasy combat with a fantastical gun where blood looks like smoke. “Body explosions” dont cause any gore; its almost literally fairy dust. The worst you’ll see is periodical very bloody bodies.

What is control rated?

This game has received a PEGI 16 because it features moderate violence, sustained depictions of violence towards human characters and use of strong language. Not suitable for persons under 16 of age.

Is set it up appropriate for 13 year olds?

Appropriate for kids ages 13 and up.


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