Is Coco movie based on a true story?

This is not a true story. The character of Mamá Coco was not based upon any real person we met in our travels. She sprang solely from our imagination. I saw photos of other mexican women who looked more like Coco than her.

What is Coco movie based on?

GUANAJUATO, Mexico – For many, Pixar’s “Coco” is considered to be one of the most culturally significant children’s movies in history. The film tells the story of a young Mexican boy named Miguel who journeys through the world of his ancestors on the Day of the Dead.

Where is Mamá Coco’s husband?

In the present day, Miguel learns and reveals to his family, living and deceased, that Héctor had every intention of returning to Imelda and Coco, but was tragically murdered on his way back by his friend Ernesto de la Cruz.

Is Santa Cecilia a real place?

Santa Cecilia is a municipality and town located in the province of Burgos, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2004 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 118 inhabitants. Church of Santa Cecilia, Santa Cecilia (Burgos, Spain).

Who is Coco’s husband in Coco?

According to this Wikia: Julio, or known as Papa Julio was Coco’s late husband. He can get very excited and nervous about things but he always puts family first and tries to help out. Due to her failing memory, Coco sometimes calls Miguel Julio, possibly because of his resemblance to him.

How old is the real Mama Coco?

Mamá Coco was born in 1918. As the film takes place in present day, Coco was 99 years old at the time of Coco. This is confirmed by Lee Unkrich, who revealed Coco passed away at 100 years of age.

Is Coco based on another movie?

Coco, since its release, has seen widespread success across the U.S. and Mexico. Upon the original release of the trailer, many took to the internet to express their outrage over the Pixar stealing concepts from The Book of Life, another film centered around Dia de Los Muertos.

What happens to Miguel in land?

Alawa takes her to see Miguel, who is bedridden and dying from throat cancer. On his deathbed, he confesses that he was driving the night his wife and daughter were killed and it was because he was intoxicated that the accident happened.

Is Ernesto de la Cruz a real person?

Part of what makes the musical feature so beloved are the captivating characters it introduces. But fans may be wondering if one character in particular, Ernesto de la Cruz, is based on a real person. While he doesn’t have a real-life namesake, this Mexican musician does have roots in reality.

Is Miguel in Coco and Ernesto De Cruz related?

Role in the film. Ernesto meets Miguel and is surprised when Miguel declares himself to be Ernesto’s great-great-grandson. Ernesto de la Cruz first appears at his mansion in the Land of the Dead.

Did Ernesto de la Cruz have a kid?

In Coco, Ernesto De La Cruz never had a family and probably thought Miguel was descended from a random groupie. Ernesto De La Cruz never talks about or visits his “family” during Dia De Muertos like all the other spirits do.

Why did Charles Muntz turn evil?

Unfortunately, the countless years that Muntz spent at Paradise Falls corrupted him, his obsession driving him into insanity.

How old is Ernesto de la Cruz?

Ernesto was born in 1896 and died in 1942, implying that he was 46 years old. Unlike most Pixar villains who die, Ernesto, like many characters in Coco, is already deceased at the beginning of the film and resides in the Land of the Dead.

Who does Ernesto de la Cruz singing voice?

Benjamin Bratt, who has also starred in Despicable Me 2 and Marvel’s Doctor Strange, is the voice of Ernesto de la Cruz, a famous Mexican musician.

What was Ernesto de la Cruz famous motto?

Ernesto de la Cruz : And Héctor was my best friend. Success doesn’t come for free, Miguel. You have to be willing to, do whatever it takes to seize your moment.

What is the name of the dog that follows Miguel?

And here, in an adventure all his own, is Dante the Xoloitzcuintle (a.k.a. Xolo, a.k.a. Mexican hairless), canine sidekick of Coco star Miguel. The name Dante, as you might imagine, is a nod to the Italian poet and author of The Inferno. This Dante will join Miguel on his journey to the Land of the Dead.

Who is Miguel’s Grandpa in Coco?

Mexican director and actor Alfonso Arau plays Papá Julio, Miguel’s great-grandfather who resides in the Land of the Dead.

How tall is Ernesto de la Cruz?

Ernesto dela Cruz (September 7, 1957 – August 29, 1992), known by the stage name Weng Weng, was a Filipino actor, stunt performer, and martial artist. He was a short person at 83 cm (2 feet, 9 inches) tall.

Are the characters in Coco real?

They are Frida Kahlo (famous Mexican painter and self-portrait artist), El Santo (famous Mexican wrestler and movie actor), Maria Felix (a famous Mexican actress and singer), Cantinflas (famous actor and comedian), Pedro Infante (famous Mexican singer and actor), and Jorge Negrete (famous Mexican singer and actor) of

Is Hector Rivera real?

Biographical information
Full NameHéctor Rivera
Born30 November 1900
Died24 December 1921 Mexico City (aged 21) Poisoned by Ernesto de La Cruz

Is Grandma Coco real?

This is not a true story. The character of Mamá Coco was not based upon any real person we met in our travels. She sprang solely from our imagination. I saw photos of other mexican women who looked more like Coco than her.

Who is Ernesto de la Cruz based off?

While Ernesto himself isn’t directly based off a real singer, Benjamin Bratt was heavily inspired in his performance by watching the work of Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, who are both legendarily Mexican singers and actors.

What is Cocos real name?

Nicole Natalie Marrow (née Austin; born March 17, 1979), commonly known as Coco Austin, Coco, Coco Marie Austin, Coco Marie, and Coco-T, is an American television personality and actress. She has been married to rapper Ice-T since 2002.

Who is the blue haired skeleton in Coco?

Portrayed by – The Emcee hosts a colorful talent show in the Land of the Dead. She is voiced by Blanca Araceli from the 2017 Disney/Pixar’s animated movie, Coco.

Who is Miguel from Coco based on?

Miguel’s design was inspired by two real-life kids who were Emilio Fuentes (who provided the original scratch voice for Miguel while the movie was in development) and Adriel Arriaga (the son of a character designer).

Is Ernesto de la Cruz based on Vicente?

The lantern-jawed Ernesto was based on real-life singing star Vicente Fernandez, who always performed wearing a cowboy sombrero and fancy embroidered suit.

How old is Mirabel Madrigal?

Created by directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, Mirabel is depicted as an imperfect, quirky, emotional, and empathetic 15-year-old girl who is the only member of the Madrigal family who does not receive a magical gift.

What family is Coco based on?

Family and friends claim that the great-grandmother in the animated hit film was inspired by María Salud Ramírez. María Salud Ramírez Caballero has become the face of Santa Fe de la Laguna, a town of Purépecha potters in Quiroga, Michoacán, thanks to the 2017 Disney-Pixar animated film Coco.

Why did Miguel go to the land of the dead?

In Disney’s movie Coco (2017), Miguel is cursed for stealing from the dead, which is the reason he ends up in the land of the dead, as it is explained by a clerk: CLERK Well, you’re cursed. The family gasps.

Why does Hector call Miguel chamaco?

He started keying onto things like, ‘I want to call [Miguel] ‘chamaco,’ because that feels like an old-timey kind of way that this guy might relate to this kid. ‘ And we’re like, ‘OK, do it. Go for it. ‘”

Where was Miguel’s hideout in Coco?

“He harbors a strong passion for music,” says Unkrich. “Miguel secretly nurtures this love of music—he’s created a hideout in the attic of one of the buildings in a far-flung corner of the family compound where he keeps his collection of records, posters and figurines celebrating his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz.”

What happened to Miguel’s guitar in Coco?

Miguel loves music and wants to be a musician someday, but music is banned in his house. His abuelita finds his guitar and smashes it, so Miguel steals the guitar of his favorite deceased musician, Ernesto de la Cruz, and plays it. This sends Miguel into the Land of the Dead where he meets dead members of his family.

What is Miguel’s grandmas name in Coco?

His hero is Ernesto De La Cruz (Benjamin Bratt), a musician who died in an accident while on stage. Mama Coco (Ana Ofelia Murguía) is Miguel’s great-grandmother, who lives with him, his parents and his grandmother or Abuelita (Renee Victor).


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