Is Cinderella 2021 a good movie?

Movie at a glance – Cinderella (2021) is a bold new musical take on a familiar story. It’s likely to appeal to some viewers because of its modern songs, contemporary choreography and themes of female empowerment. But it somehow lacks the sparkle that you might expect from a fairytale movie.

What is the rating on the new Cinderella movie?

Cinderella is rated PG by the MPAA for suggestive material and language. Violence: Friends tussle with each other.

What age is Prince Charming from Cinderella?

The Reddit post estimated that Cinderella was 19 and Prince Charming was 21, so not as much of an age gap between these two!

Who voices the mice in Cinderella 2021?

Romesh Ranganathan, James Corden, and James Acaster play the Mice/Footmen. Taking on the roles of the mice-turned-footmen are three comedians — Romesh Ranganathan, James Corden, and James Acaster. British stand-up comedian Ranganathan is known for his deadpan style of comedy.

Does Cinderella 2021 have original songs?

In October, 2020, Idina Menzel confirmed that “[she and Camila] both have original songs as well.” On August 2, 2021, it was announced by the director Kay Cannon that the soundtrack would be released by Epic Records on September 3, 2021.

What color is Cinderella’s dress?

Cinderella’s dress has been and will remain known as blue because of how Disney has changed and commercially produced it as blue. However, the animators originally most likely produced her dress as silver.

Is Cinderella a comedy?

K “Cinderella”: Musical comedy. Starring Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter and Pierce Brosnan. Directed by Kay Cannon.

How many times has Cinderella been redone?

There are more than 500 versions of the story of Cinderella found across the globe. Filmmakers have taken this story and recreated some of the most impressive live-action renditions that keep the tale entertaining.


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