Is Chhichhore a true story?

Chhichhore is inspired by writer-director Nitesh Tiwari’s own experiences of college life as a metallurgical engineering student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, his alma-mater, which is depicted in the film as the ‘National College of Technology’; although not completely biographical in nature, it

What was the story of Chhichhore?

Following a group of friends from university as they progress into middle-age life and go their own separate ways.

What is the moral of movie Chichore?

The movie’s main theme is all about friendship. All his friends reunited when Ani was in trouble. College life is such a time where we can make the right or wrong friends for life. If you choose the right friends you will head in the right direction in life.

Is Chhichhore a good movie?

A very good movie from bollywood after a very long time. Enjoyed it with my friends. It’s kinda must see.

Who made Chhichhore?

New Delhi: Late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s last theatrical release Chhichhore will release in China on 7 January, 2022. The film directed by Nitesh Tiwari and co-produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Fox Star Studios, will touch a screen count of 11,000.

Which college is shown in Chhichhore ending?

A major part of the movie has been shot in Mumbai. Most of the college parts were shot in Mumbai’s Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Which college is Chhichhore based on?

“My fondest memories of shooting for Chhichhore were the parts we shot in IIT Bombay. Hostel 4, on which the film is based, really exists, and shooting in the real corridors and canteens helped get the entire cast to reminisce about their own college life and instantly bond.

What happens to Raghav in Chhichhore?

But nobody ever talks about how to deal with failures,’ says Ani (Sushant Singh Rajput) and breaks down. His teenaged son Raghav is battling between life and death in the hospital after a suicide attempt as he failed to crack the engineering entrance exam.

Is Chhichhore based on IIT Bombay?

While not explicitly mentioned, it clearly refers to life in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and the film is even shot on the IIT Bombay campus in Mumbai. The depiction of student life at IIT is the best part of the film.

How much did Chhichhore earned?

It earned Rs. 51.08 Crores in the first worldwide weekend collection. The movie crossed Rs 150 crore mark within a month of its release. The news of the same was announced by the filmmakers.


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