Is Bruce Willis The Rainmaker in Looper?

In 2012, the Rian Johnson-helmed Looper set up that situation when a retired assassin named Joe (played by Bruce Willis) traveled back 30 years to kill a child who would eventually grow up to be a ruthless criminal boss known only as the Rainmaker.

Who played the Rainmaker in Looper?

Career. Gagnon played Logan Evans, the son of Clay Evans (Robert Buckley), in season 9 of the CW drama series One Tree Hill. In January 2011, he was cast in the action thriller film Looper as Cid Harrington, a child with unusual telekinetic abilities, who becomes a warlord called the “Rainmaker”.

Is Seth The Rainmaker?

The Plot. As young Seth (played by Paul Dano) learned from his older self, 30 years into the Looper world’s future, the Rainmaker has seized power away from the five major bosses. This makes him the most powerful criminal in the county (if not the entire country), both in terms of his telekinetic abilities and stature.

Why do they call him Rainmaker Looper?

In the film “Looper”, young Cid becomes the “Rainmaker” after watching his mother’s death at the hands of a looper. But the origin of the name “Rainmaker” is never explained in the film – it seems like an odd name for someone who takes over six syndicates and almost shuts down all loopers.

Is Sara Joe’s mom in Looper?

Through his experience with young Joe, Cid learns Sara is his actual mother.

What did the ending of Looper mean?

Basically, Looper ends with young Joe making an unselfish decision to take his own life as a means to save another. He has developed a love and fondness for Sara and Cid, despite realizing that Cid is most likely going to grow up to be the Rainmaker.

How did Sara know what a Looper was?

How does Sara know about loopers? They’re known about in various circles, and may just be kind of that thing you don’t discuss, like the mob in general. She may have just heard about it in passing, which could be part of the reason why she chose to move so far away from city life.

Is there a sequel to Looper?

‘ Could there be a ‘Looper 2? ‘ We investigate. Unfortunately for Sony, ‘Looper’ might not allow for much in the way of a ‘Looper 2’ and that’s precisely how Johnson conceived the film; as an open and shut story. It is in fact very much contained, and that’s actually appropriate to the whole point of the movie, too.

What movie does Bruce Willis play as Joe?

The Last Boy Scout (1991) – Bruce Willis as Joe Hallenbeck – IMDb.

What are they putting in their eyes in Looper?

As you can expect, loopers live a very complicated and stressful life. This is why many of them are taking dropper as a means of escaping reality. Its effects are similar to those of MDMA or ecstasy. Despite the fact that loopers live in the past, this fictional drug appears to have come from the future.

Are CID and Joe the same person in Looper?

At the end of Looper, Young Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) realizes that Cid (Pierce Gagnon) only becomes the evil known as The Rainmaker after Old Joe (Bruce Willis) kills Cid’s mother, Sara (Emily Blunt).

Who is the villain in Looper?

Old Joe is the main antagonist of the 2012 film Looper. He is the future version of Joseph Simmons, a Looper who assassinates people for the Mob using time travel. He was portrayed by Bruce Willis, who also portrayed Muddy Grimes in Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, the title character in The Jackal, Lt.

Is Looper a paradox?

Like the Seths, the paradoxal nature of Looper’s time travel story is seen in the two Joes. Simply put: it’s impossible for these two Joe’s to both exist and have a connection whereby Young Joe can leave scar messages in Old Joe’s skin, or Old Joe is clouded with Young Joe’s memories.

Is Looper set in Kansas city?

Looper was one of our favorite sci-fi movies last year, not least because of its fantastic vision of a future Kansas City.

Does the time travel in Looper make sense?

It’s the rule that says that when a time traveller goes back in time and changes the past, those changes affect the time traveller. The rule doesn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense in Back to the Future or Looper.

What year is Looper set in?

The movie takes place in 2044 and 2074, both of which look like plausible variations of the American present, and then there are a few scenes set in a futuristic Shanghai.

Was Joe the Rainmaker?

To Old Joe, the person responsible for taking what was his is someone named the Rainmaker, who is basically the all-powerful telekinetic Hitler of 2074, controlling everything in society from the government to the citizenry to the mobs and their operations.

What’s the story behind Looper?

The process is simple: When the mob wants someone to disappear, they simply send them back to the year 2047, where an assassin known as a “looper” quickly carries out the hit, and disposes of the body. Joe Simmons (Gordon-Levitt) is one of the most respected Loopers around.

Why do loopers have to close the loop?

The way it works is someone is hired as a Looper, with the contract saying that their employment will end when they kill themselves and get a nice payout. This is called closing their loop. After a loop is closed a looper has 30 years to live until their loop is closed.

Is Joe Cid The Rainmaker?

The film surmises Old Joe killing Sarah eventually made Cid become the Rainmaker. But Old Joe can’t become Old Joe without first being killed and letting Young Joe grow up to meet his wife. In that timeline though, Cid would grow up normal because Sarah wasn’t killed by Joe.


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