Is Bone Tomahawk a good film?

Bone Tomahawk is a very good movie, with an interesting premise and a nice twist on the western genre. It’s a movie that could have gone wrong in so many ways, but surprisingly, it doesn’t. Sporting some great characters and an intriguing storyline, Bone Tomahawk deserves an 8 out of 10!

Why is Bone Tomahawk not rated?

Parents need to know that Bone Tomahawk is an unusual Western with some gruesome parts. The brutal, gory violence includes slicing, digging into wounds, severed limbs and body parts, shooting with guns and arrows, dead bodies, and other grisly things.

Is Bone Tomahawk worth watching?

BONE TOMAHAWK is a really good western/horror movie that features exemplary direction from an unknown director and great performances from the small cast. It terms of plot it’s nothing special, a 19th century reworking of THE HILLS HAVE EYES, but it’s the execution that makes this such a great movie.

Will there be a Bone Tomahawk 2?

(CANCELED) The sparse, unforgiving “Bone Tomahawk” is more than its most notorious scene – Tone Madison.

Is Bone Tomahawk NC 17?

It appears that the current plans are for the film to be released unrated but were this to go to the MPAA it would be a sure fire NC-17.

What is story of Bone Tomahawk?

In the Old West, a sheriff (Kurt Russell), his deputy (Richard Jenkins), a gunslinger (Matthew Fox),and a cowboy (Patrick Wilson) embark on a mission to rescue three people from a savage group of cave dwellers.

Where was the movie Tomahawk filmed?

The film was shot partly on location in South Dakota.

Did Bone Tomahawk make money?

According to Sonnier, Bone Tomahawk reaped more than $10 million, five times its budget (it also garnered a 91 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

What are the troglodytes in Bone Tomahawk?

The next morning, Sheriff Hunt discovers the abduction and learns that the clan responsible for these crimes are known as troglodytes, who live in “The Valley of the Starving Man”. The local native explains that these men are cannibalistic savages who have become sadistic due to their isolation from other men.

Is Bone Tomahawk a comedy?

Review: ‘Bone Tomahawk’ Is Western, Horror and Comedy.

Is Bone Tomahawk on Hulu?

Watch ‘Goodnight Mommy,’ Bone Tomahawk’ and More on Hulu and Amazon Prime Next Year.

Is Bone Tomahawk based on a true story?

2 Answers. Show activity on this post. Bone Tomahawk is an original, fictional story, screen-written by the same guy directing it: Screenwriter S.

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Bone Tomahawk – Movie Review

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