Is Blue Story related to top boy?

Ward, 24, rose to prominence after starring as Jamie Tovell in the Netflix reboot of Top Boy and later secured a role in Blue Story, which followed the rivalry between two postcode gangs in London.

Are Top Boy and Top Boy: Summerhouse linked?

To keep things simple, the first two seasons of Top Boy which aired in 2011 and 2013, were rebranded Top Boy: Summerhouse for Netflix. The rebranding of the first two seasons does not mean the worlds of Top Boy: Summerhouse and Top Boy are not linked, they very much are.

Is Top Boy a sequel?

Once you’ve made it through the eight episodes of Summerhouse, you can then move on to the revived Top Boy series which serves as a sequel to the original show, continuing Dushane’s and Sully’s stories several years down the line.

What is the difference between Top Boy and Top Boy: Summerhouse?

To assist viewers to distinguish between the two, the previous Channel 4 program has been renamed Top Boy: Summerhouse on Netflix after the Summerhouse estate in Hackney where the show is set. Top Boy seasons 1 and 2, which were made by Netflix, are both available to watch on Netflix – globally.

Is gem in Top Boy?

Ra’Nell – a student who got mixed up with Dushane – and his young friend Gem (Giacomo Mancini) were major featured players in the first two seasons of Top Boy aired on Channel 4.

Who was Jason to Sully in Top Boy?

After stealing his phone, Sully took a shine to Jason and decided to have him run errands while he focused on his illegal doings. Sully and Jason clearly remained close friends as six years later he was the only person left to greet Sully when he’s released from prison.

Is Jamie in Top Boy: Summerhouse?

Later, Jaq and other Summerhouse members meet Jamie and the ZT’s to pass on a gift given by Dushane congratulating him on his return which marked the beginning to the ZT members joining forces with Summerhouse. Jamie returns home to greet his brothers, however his relationship is strained after his time away.

What did Sully go to jail for?

Following on from the discovery that Sully was in possession of the gun that killed three people, the second season opened with the police discovering a body. Forced to deal with the repercussions, Dushane also attempted to stay ahead of his friend turned new rival, Sully.

Is Modie RA Nell?

Was Modie really Ra’Nell? Ra’Nell doesn’t appear in the rebooted version of Top Boy. However, some of the show’s viewers had a theory he was there all along – under a different name. They thought Modie, a rival drug dealer who Sully clashes with in prison, was actually an older version of Ra’Nell.

What’s in the green bag Top Boy?

Dushane had video evidence that suggested that a hooded boy entered Jamie’s house with the green bag that police found at the scene. The evidence would help Jamie’s lawyer build a case that he was framed and only confessed to crimes to save his brothers.

What happens to ATS in Top Boy?

Ats was given a backpack filled with drugs and a gun and was instructed by Jaq to plant it at Jamie and Stefan’s house. Ats completed the task, knowing that eventually Jamie would be taken away because of it.

How many top boys are there?

The first three series of Top Boy are all streaming on Netflix, but note that the first two seasons – which originally aired on Channel 4 – have been renamed Top Boy: Summerhouse. The third season is presented as Top Boy season 1 on Netflix. The fourth outing will be known as Top Boy 2 when it is released on Netflix.

What did Lauren do Top Boy?

Lauryn had been secretly aiding a rival gang by divulging details about Summerhouse. This ultimately led to her exile from the group, and she became one of the most notable characters in the series.

Is Summerhouse a real place?

Summerhouse Estate is not a real place in the UK but is inspired by real housing estates in and around London, particularly the De Beauvoir estate in Hackney.

Why did Sully and Dushane fall out?

At the end of “Top Boy” season 1, Sully and Dushane had fallen apart as Sully didn’t approve of Dushane’s ways of dealing with situations. Sully didn’t want to involve kids in dealing with Jamie, while Dushane didn’t want to spill unnecessary blood to end the competition.

What order should I watch Top Boy in?

The chronological order is as follows: Top Boy: Summerhouse season 1, Top Boy: Summerhouse season 2, Top Boy season 1 and Top Boy season 2. Although season 3 picks up where season 2 left off, Netflix went ahead and rebranded the series.

Do I need to watch top boy Season 1 and 2?

In short: not really. Though the show introduces a number of new characters and is certainly a new chapter in the story, it is pretty important to watch the previous episodes to understand the interpersonal dynamics, the characters, and the mechanics of the drug game as laid out by writer Ronan Bennett.

Why does dushane go to Jamaica?

Biography. Dushane grew up in Summerhouse and he is on and off friends with Gerard Sulivan. He murdered Dris Wright who is also his number 2 after cutting ties with Sully in Season 1 finale. He eventually moves to Jamaica after the Albanians come after him.

Will there be a Top Boy season 5?

Has Top Boy season five been confirmed yet? Yup! Shortly after season four hit Netflix, the fifth and final season of Top Boy was confirmed by the streamer. In a joint statement Walters and Robinson (who also serve as executive producers) said they were “very excited about what’s next”.

Where is Top Boy based?

Top Boy is primarily set on the fictional Summerhouse Estate in Hackney, north east London.

Is there a new Top Boy series?

Yes. Netflix confirmed that Top Boy will receive a fifth season. The streaming giant announced on Thursday 31st March 2022 that the series will return for its fifth and final season. The season will be the third produced by Netflix and is branded as ‘season 3’ on the streaming service.

How many seasons are there of Top Boy?

Top Boy
No. of series4
No. of episodes26 (list of episodes)
Executive producersAubrey Graham (2019) Adel Nur (2019) Maverick Carter (2019) Jamal Henderson (2019)

What is the movie Top Boy about?

Two seasoned drug dealers return to the gritty streets of London, but their pursuit of money and power is threatened by a young and ruthless hustler. Watch all you want.

What happened to Top Boy: Summerhouse?

When Netflix revived the show they notably did not add the new season to the original despite technically being the third season. Instead, Netflix renamed the first two seasons as Top Boy: Summerhouse with Channel 4 branding and gave the new season its own title entirely as just Top Boy with Netflix Original branding.

Is Top Boy worth watching Reddit?

I just started watching it (On episode 4) and I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. The story is pretty interesting and I kinda relate too, the soundtrack is great too.

Who is Blue Story based on?

Is Blue Story based on a true story? Yes, Blue Story is based on the real-life experiences of the film’s director, Rapman, who himself grew up in Deptford in the London borough of Lewisham.

Is Blue Story a sequel?

No plans have been announced for a Blue Story sequel at the time of writing. However, while the fate of Blue Story 2 remains unclear, the original film’s ending heavily hints that a sequel could well be on the cards.

Is Blue Story linked to Shiro’s story?

The film depicts real life gangs the Peckham Boys and Ghetto Boys. Following the success of his three-part YouTube series Shiro’s Story and signing with Jay-Z to Roc Nation, Rapman and BBC Films developed and co-financed the film, and in late 2018 Paramount Pictures bought worldwide distribution rights for the film.

Where is Timmy from in Blue Story?

Blue Story is the tragic tale of best friends Marco and Timmy who, from different areas of London (Peckham and Deptford), find themselves becoming enemies in a violent and insidious postcode war.

What is London postcode war?

What is a ‘postcode war’? It is a conflict between gangs over territory, often stoked by videos posted on YouTube and social networking sites. These videos usually contain taunts and threats to attack rivals if they were to dare to journey into a rival gang’s postcode.

Is Blue Story sad?

‘Blue Story’: Rapper poetically tells a sad story of gangs warring over nothing.

Will there be a Shiro’s story Part 4?

Rapman breaks down the success of Shiro’s Story for Westwood at Capital XTRA, explains why there won’t be a part 4 on YouTube and his plans for the future of Hope it all works out. tbh Netflix would be dumb not to contact you about your work. Blue trilogy was really good as well.

What is blue storey about?

Best friends Timmy and Marco go to the same high school in Peckham but live in neighboring London boroughs. When Marco gets beaten up by one of Timmy’s primary school friends, the two boys wind up on rival sides of a never-ending cycle of gang wars in which there are no winners, only hapless victims.

Should I watch Summerhouse before Top Boy?

In many ways, the Netflix seasons are a new show, with a new cast and storyline. But it’s recommended that you watch Top Boy: Summerhouse first, before watching Netflix’s Top Boy.

Will there be a series 3 of Top Boy?

The critically acclaimed British crime drama Top Boy has been renewed for a third and final season, bittersweet news for viewers and fans of the word bruv. This announcement follows the series’ successful second season on Netflix, which soared to No. 1 in the United Kingdom after its March 18 premiere.

Which is the first season of Top Boy?

Here’s how to watch the Top Boy seasons in the correct order on Netflix: Top Boy: Summerhouse season 1. Top Boy: Summerhouse season 2. Top Boy season 1.

What happened to ranell?

Ra’Nell was last seen in the final episode of Top Boy: Summerhouse. During season 2, Ra’Nell attempted to intervene in Vincent’s abuse of Gem but Vincent responded by beating him up, leaving him with plenty of cuts, bruises and a nasty-looking black eye.

In what order should I watch Top Boy?

The chronological order is as follows: Top Boy: Summerhouse season 1, Top Boy: Summerhouse season 2, Top Boy season 1 and Top Boy season 2. Although season 3 picks up where season 2 left off, Netflix went ahead and rebranded the series.

Is there a Top Boy prequel?

Netflix has re-branded the first two seasons of the gritty London drama Top Boy: Summerhouse. Technically, there’s no difference between Top Boy season Summerhouse and Top Boy.


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