Is Batman: The Long Halloween movie canon?

Well, Batman: The Long Halloween is not part of the canon. It is a standalone duology that showcases a critical case that Batman encountered in his early days. Neither the comics nor the films are canon and separate from the DC Animated Universe.

Is The Batman based on Long Halloween?

As much as Matt Reeves’ film The Batman draws from The Long Halloween, its biggest influence is actually Sean Gordon Murphy’s White Knight. WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Batman, now in theaters.

Is Matt Reeves a Batman fan?

For one, director Matt Reeves is known to be a lifelong Batman fan, which means he is pretty knowledgeable about the comics. In an interview, Reeves shared that he was inspired by the 1987 comic Batman: Year One, a detective noir story in which a young Bruce Wayne is figuring out the ropes of being a vigilante.

Is The Batman movie comic accurate?

Nolan and Snyder’s separate Batmen had some aspects of comic accuracy but also weren’t all the way there. Comic accuracy in superhero movies isn’t always important to fans but it helps when it’s there. The Batman definitely takes some liberties but there’s also a lot of comic accuracy in the movie.

Is The Long Halloween canon to the new 52?

3 Batman: The Long Halloween – And for a while, many fans considered it to be a part of the continuity. However, since the comic served as another proper origin story for Harvey Dent into Two-Face, and that origin got retconned during the New 52, it’s regarded by some as officially non-canon.

Is Batman: Year One connected to the Long Halloween?

In continuity terms, The Long Halloween continues the story of Batman: Year One. It also revolves around the transition of Batman’s rogues gallery from simple mob goons to full-fledged supervillains and tells the origin of Two-Face, incorporating elements of the story in Batman: Annual #14.

Are The Long Halloween and Dark Victory canon?

Like their last project, The Long Halloween (TLH), Dark Victory is definitely canon. It is a direct sequel to TLH and includes very key character moments for Two-Face, Catwoman, Jim Gordon, and Batman.

Is Batman Knightfall canon?

Knightfall is one of the most well known of story arcs in the Batman canon.

Is Robin in Long Halloween?

The Long Halloween Special takes place sometime after the events of Dark Victory, with Bruce Wayne adopting Dick Grayson and the precocious Boy Wonder joining the Dark Knight on his crimefighting crusade as the first Robin.

Is Batman the Long Halloween Part 2 appropriate?

MPAA explanation: Some violence and bloody images.

Is Batman: Year One a prequel to The Dark Knight Returns?

While only Year One was meant to be canon, Miller eventually revealed that he considered both stories as part of his Dark Knight Universe. With one being prequel to the other, fans can easily trace Batman’s evolution between the two stories.

What is Batman canon?

Anything that’s really popular is canon (A Death in the Family, Lonely Place of Dying, Knightfall, No Man’s Land, Hush, the Grant Morrison stuff, etc). If you want to read stuff that’s absolutely, 100 percent canon right now, start with New 52 Batman and read up through present day. Canon is only semi important.

Who was behind the long Halloween?

Batman: The Long Halloween is a 13-issue limited series written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. It was originally published by DC Comics in 1996 and 1997. It was inspired by the three Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Specials, by the same creative team.

Why is Batman Long Halloween Rated R?

Part One (now available on digital and Blu-ray) was given a PG-13 classification, while Part Two (available on digital today) was branded with an R for “some violence and bloody images.” “Our goal was just to make a story that is a cinematic version of The Long Halloween.

Is Batman Detective Comics canon?

Batman, Detective Comics, Legend of the Dark Knight, Gotham Knights, Shadow of the Bat, Batman and Robin, Batman Confidential, Superman/Batman are all canon.

Who was the killer in Batman The Long Halloween?

While Batman and Gordon initially believed Alberto Falcone and Harvey Dent — after his recent transformation into Two-Face — were the two killers, The Long Halloween’s twist ending revealed that Harvey’s wife Gilda Dent was the first Holiday Killer, murdering Falcone’s associates after seeing the toll the syndicate

Is Carmine Falcone Catwoman’s father?

Carmine Falcone is a fictional character in DC Comics, portrayed as a powerful mob boss, an enemy of Batman, and a friend of the Wayne family. He has also been depicted in some versions as the illegitimate father of Catwoman. Carmine “The Roman” Falcone as seen in Batman Eternal #2.

Does Batman: The Long Halloween have a post credit scene?

The Robert Pattinson/Matt Reeves Batman is here, so let’s break down how this new Dark Knight’s first film adventure shakes out. Warning: Full spoilers follow for The Batman. Do you want to know if the movie has a post credits scene? We’ll tell you right here: It doesn’t.


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