Is Awake 2021 appropriate?

Wondering if Awake (2021) on Netflix is ok for kids? Awake is rated TV-MA for language, violence, and gore. A depressing, zombie-apocalypse type thriller, Awake is chaotic and never really goes anywhere. However, there aren’t really zombies, just sleep-deprived people who turn brutal.

Is Awake appropriate?

Parents need to know that even though this grim thriller stars teen favorites Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba, it isn’t meant for kids. There are many scenes of bloody open-heart surgery, with some explicit sound effects (cutting, sawing, ribcage cracking).

Is Awake a scary movie 2021?

Screenplay byMark Raso Joseph Raso
Story byGregory Poirier
Produced byPaul Schiff

Is Awake series worth watching?

Purewow Rating: 3 out of 5 stars – This movie leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but the plot is compelling and it has enough scares to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Is Netflix Awake a horror movie?

AWAKE on Netflix is a sci-fi thriller starring Gina Rodriguez. It’s brilliant with its simple – but very relatable – premise.

What is the movie Awake 2021 about?

Global hysteria ensues after a mysterious catastrophe wipes out all electronics and takes away humanity’s ability to sleep. Scientists race against the clock to find a cure for the unexplained insomnia before its fatal effects eliminate the human race. When Jill, a former soldier, discovers her young daughter may be the key to salvation, she must decide whether to protect her children at all costs or sacrifice everything to save the world.

Will there be Part 2 of Awake?

“Awake” tells something of a complete story, but a sequel is never entirely out of the question for virtually any film in the horror genre. While those involved in the making of “Awake” have yet to confirm or deny the prospect of an “Awake 2,” a confluence of factors ultimately suggest that a sequel is unlikely.


Awake (2021) – Movie Review

Awake (2021) Netflix Movie Review

Awake (2021) Netflix Movie Review

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