Is Army of Dead success?

So, when he took his talents to Netflix and directed Army of the Dead, it was virtually guaranteed to be a massive success. The undead actioner lived up to the hype, scoring some of the best reviews of Snyder’s career and becoming one of the platform’s ten most-watched original movies ever.

Is Army of Dead hit or flop?

If one has to consider just the BO money & viewership, “Army of the Dead” was definitely a flop, and a big dud financially. But that’s were Netflix comes in. And according to the streaming site, the Zombie flick is a big hit.

How much did the movie extraction make?

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office$16,775Details
International Box Office$1,047,061Details
Worldwide Box Office$1,063,836
Home Market Performance

How much is Army of the Dead on Netflix?

“Army of the Dead” is now streaming on Netflix; plans start at $9 a month.

Where was Army thieves filmed?

Filming took place in Germany and the Czech Republic, and finished in December 2020. In a February 2021 interview, Deborah Snyder referred to the film as Army of Thieves.

What is the plot of Army of the Dead?

After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble and venture into the quarantine zone in hopes of pulling off an impossible heist.

How much has Army of the Dead grossed?

1 million USD

Did Army of the Dead make money?

It grossed $1 million at the box office and became one of the most-watched original Netflix films. The film also spawned a franchise consisting of the spin-off prequel Army of Thieves; an upcoming anime-style series subtitled Lost Vegas; and a direct sequel titled Planet of the Dead which is in development.

How many people streamed Army of the Dead?

Among the “impactful” film titles it released in Q2, according to Netflix, was Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” — with the streamer calling it a “blockbuster,” as 75 million member households chose to watch the zombie thriller in its first 28 days of release.

Is Army of the Dead Good Reddit?

I really recommend watching Army Of The Dead, it has a lot of gore and blood, but it’s amazing, has a lot of heart, and the action is amazing. The plot is really strong and compelling as well.

Is Army of the Dead a success for Netflix?

‘Army Of The Dead’ Pulls In 72M Households, Ranks As One Of Netflix’s Most-Watched Movies – Deadline.

Did Geeta survive Army of the Dead?

Finding herself kidnapped and held hostage by Alpha zombie Zeus and his army of the dead, Geeta is finally rescued by Kate Ward (Ella Purnell) and her father Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), only to disappear from the screen in the climax.

Was Army of the Dead a box office bomb?

Another yikes! for Zack Snyder as his Netflix zombie heist movie, Army of the Dead, starring Dave Bautista, absolutely bombed in its box office premiere. While it was estimated Army of the Dead would bring in around $1.5M-$2M, the flick only opened to an estimated $780K in its limited screening.

Is army of dead worth watching?

Army of the Dead is one you should skip this weekend. With a mighty run time of 2.5 hours, I was already checking how long was left about 1.5 hours in. The film is incredibly slow to get going as the director clearly wants to build up some of the stories for the key characters.

Is Army of the Dead comedy?

Their lines are better. Zach Snyder’s newest film has has everything you could imagine in a zombie-action-casino-heist-comedy movie.

Is Army of the Dead satire?

His Dawn of the Dead helped instill new life into the zombie genre, modernizing it alongside 28 Days Later with both nihilistic, satirical bite and gruesome potency.

Is Army of the Dead worth watching Quora?

Army of the Dead is an awesome movie. I loved it a lot, and am planning to watch it at least a couple more times. For me, this is the kind of Zombie movie I enjoy watching. Lighthearted and funny from beginning to end, and it offers a very different take on the typical Zombie movie genre.

Why is Army of the Dead so dark?

As Snyder explains in the Army of the Dead documentary short on Netflix, he also chose not to use a ‘stop’ on any of the camera lens. They typically stop the lens being overwhelmed by light sources to create a more focused shot that doesn’t overload the senses.

Why didn’t Tanaka give them the safe code?

According to Army of the Dead: A Film by Zack Snyder: The Making of the Film book by Peter Aperlo, Tanaka doesn’t know how to get into the safe (or even any details about the traps) for his own protection, likely so he wouldn’t be the target of anyone thinking they could threaten or otherwise coerce him into helping


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