Is Aliens the best movie ever?

Aliens is largely considered one of the best action-horror films of all time, but it also stands as one of the best sci-fi sequels of all time, too. There have been many great science fiction sequels since 1977, when Star Wars redefined the idea of cinematic sci-fi for generations.

Why is Alien such a good movie?

Alien is a film that doesn’t rely on too much exposition, and it doesn’t suffer the issue of explaining too much in a horror film, thereby taking away the horror. What we don’t understand is often what we can fear. Alien has an eerie aura to it that allows for the horror atmosphere to seep into the audience.

What makes alien so good Reddit?

It all feels genuine. Visually, it’s just amazing. The alien’s design is obviously legendary, and as I mentioned, the design of the ship is incredible. The way the camera lingers on the empty spaces and inhuman architecture of the ship, and the vast emptiness of space, really adds to the feel.

How much did all the Alien movies make?

106.3 million USD

Should I watch Alien in order?

It’s not necessarily a must-see, as the entire plot is basically just a reference to a scene from Alien, so seeing it before the original film might be a bit confusing. However, it does provide audiences with a feel for the dynamics at play in Alien: Covenant.


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