Is Ahsaas Channa an Iitian?

Ahsaas Channa
Years active2004 – present

How did Ahsaas Channa start her career?

Ahsaas Channa started her career as a child actor when she was just four years old.

Does Vaibhav crack IIT?

In season 2’s last episode, Vaibhav is seen elated thinking that he has cracked IIT-JEE Advanced with just preparations for 11th standard. However, he ignorantly did the paper in double time of the test duration.

Who is Maheshwari in Kota Factory?

Kota Factory (TV Series 2019–2021) – Sameer Saxena as Maheshwari Sir, Keshav Maheshwari – IMDb.

Who was Varnali in Kota Factory?

Vernali is the new character in the Kota Factory. Her real name is Abhaya Sharma. She works in various Indian commercials. She worked with Ayushmann Khurrana in the 2019 Titan Eye Plus commercial.

Does Vaibhav get into IIT?

Vaibhav (Mayur More) has finally joined Maheshwari Classes, the best IIT- JEE training institute in the country.

Is there any abuse in Kota Factory?

There are some expletives used in season 1. Season 2 comparatively has more expletives used. It’s not at all severe. middle finger gestures are used(only once).

Is Kota Factory cast from IIT?

It seems like Kota Factory is made by IITians for the IIT aspirants. Like Jitendra Kumar, Ranjan Raj is also an ex-IITian. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay. Though, second year into engineering, he dropped out of college to pursue his ambition in acting.

Who is Agarwal in Kota Factory?

Agarwal Sir in Kota factory was Shri Vinod Kumar Bansal sir.

Is Kota Factory real story?

Themes. Kota Factory drew inspiration from the life of aspiring engineering students, who join the coaching institute in Kota, to crack the IIT entrance exam. This plot has been found similar to the 2009 film 3 Idiots, the web series Laakhon Mein Ek and the docu-drama An Engineer’s Dream.

Is Kota Factory black and white?

The show has used black and white color scheme which depicts the colourless, boring, depressing aspect of students’ life in Kota. The colour scheme is inspired from the movie “Schindler’s List” which is based on lives of Jews under gruesome rule of Nazis.

Will there be season 2 of Kota Factory?

It has been announced that Kota Factory Season 2 will be released on September 24th in India. As opposed to season 1, however, new episodes will be watched only on Netflix in the country. You will need a subscription to the streaming platform in India to watch Kota Factory Season 2 online.

Why is Kota Factory shot in B&W?

According to IMDb, the Kota factory was shot black & white to depict the colourless, boring, depressing aspect of students’ life in Kota. IMDb also states the colour scheme is inspired by a movie called “Schindler’s List” which is based on the lives of Jews under the gruesome rule of Nazis.

Is Kota Factory worth watching?

Overall, KOTA Factory is quite entertaining and TVF has managed to find novelty in a subject which is done to death. Scripting, story, cinematography and performances are very good and thus, we highly recommend that you watch it.

What is this Kota?

Princely city: Kota (कोटा)


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