Is Aftermath 2021 a ghost story?

So yes, Aftermath (2021) is based on more than one true story. It shows that real-life stories are worse than any horror movie. You can watch AFTERMATCH (2021) on Netflix now.

Is Aftermath 2021 a supernatural movie?

Aftermath is a 2021 horror-mystery-thriller movie directed by Peter Winther and starring Ashley Greene, Shawn Ashmore, Sharif Atkins and Britt Baron, alongside other cast members. Movies that start with the “inspired by true events” card are always dicey.

Is Aftermath movie worth watching?

Overall the movie was average, but the suspense of the mysterious man behind all the weird and strange happenings was quite effective. Though, it has some flaws. But the frightening scenes are quite chilling, the sound was significant, and the stagecraft was fine.

Who plays the creepy guy in Aftermath 2021?

Jason Liles as Otto – Jason Liles may not have had the longest time onscreen during Aftermath, but he certainly had one of the most memorable performances as Otto, the deranged man living inside the house and causing a series of disturbances.

Where did Dani go in Aftermath?

After being attacked by a mysterious man, Natalie reports the incidents to the police, but the whole ordeal is put down to stress. Eventually though, things get more sinister. Natalie’s sister Dani somehow disappears in the house, and their dog then has to be put down after ingesting poison.

Is the aftermath 2019 a true story?

The Aftermath true story: Brit family who inspired movie warned to ‘snub Germans’ Eight-year-old Kim Brook was given a pamphlet before he left for war-ravaged Germany with his family that warned: “You must not talk or be friendly with Germans. Display correct and dignified curtness at all times.”

What is the twist in Aftermath?

The final act of Aftermath is full of twists and turns. It’s eventually discovered that Robert, the husband of the woman who sold Nat and Kevin the house, is the one responsible for many of their torments, explaining the apparent haunting of their house to a degree.

Is Aftermath a ghost story?

It is based on the true story of Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, who bought a home in San Diego, California, in late 2011. The couple stopped receiving their mail, were signed up to $1,000 of magazine subscriptions, and had Valentine’s cards with Rice’s name sent to other women on their street.

How scary is Aftermath?

Parents need to know that Aftermath (2021) is a violent, bloody, and at times gory horror film that has many jump scares and lots of tension. There are scenes of sexual violence, body mutilation, and murder.

What crash is Aftermath based on?

Based on the real-life crash of Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 and DHL Flight 611. The incident occurred on July 1, 2002, when the two planes crashed into each other in midair over the town of Überlingen, Germany.

Is there a ghost in Aftermath Netflix?

Kevin later finds her body after he comes home, while Otto chains Natalie in the secret room. Kevin looks for Natalie all over the house. He saw someone on the bed. Thinking it was Natalie, Kevin gets under the covers but was shocked to find that it was–in fact– Dani’s corpse!

Is the movie Aftermath a paranormal movie?

Story byPeter Winther Dakota Gorman
Produced byJames Andrew Felts Lars Winther Peter Winther Rick Sasner
StarringAshley Greene Shawn Ashmore

Is Aftermath 2021 worth watching?

“Aftermath” is a reasonably well made thriller with a lot to guess. Though it has some flaws, its atmosphere is quite intense. Prepare for a weird solution that actually makes up for some initially unexplainable events.


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