Is A Quiet Place worth watching?

The cast are great, the cinematography is fantastic and the story is really well put together. To add to this I think A Quiet Place is genuinely one of the most tension filled movies I’ve ever seen, I squinted, I cringed, I clenched my fist, on sat on the edge of my seat multiple times throughout.

Is A Quiet Place 1 or 2 scarier?

Which Film Is Scarier? While both movies are successful, the first A Quiet Place film is the clear winner in the battle for title of the scariest for two reasons. First, it goes without saying, but since it’s the first movie, fans don’t know what’s happening.

Is A Quiet Place horror Reddit?

But he tries to fit this movie under those prerequisites. But A Quiet Place isn’t a traditional horror movie, which is why it doesn’t fit under any of those pretenses. It’s more of a thriller, its more focused on building suspense and tension, but it still does go for the fear factor.

Is it necessary to watch A Quiet Place 1?

Since A Quiet Place 2 is a direct sequel to the original movie, people should watch it first. However, the second movie is a self-contained story that clues the watcher in on everything going on rather quickly.

Why is quiet place Rated PG-13?

A Quiet Place was given a PG-13 for terror and bloody images, so the two outliers and new bits here for the sequel are the violence and disturbing images.

Was A Quiet Place popular?

Filming took place in upstate New York from May to November 2017. A Quiet Place premiered at South by Southwest on March 9, 2018, and was released in the United States on April 6, 2018, by Paramount Pictures. It grossed more than $350 million worldwide and received critical acclaim.

What is the weakness in a quiet place?

By the sequel’s end, we know of two specific weaknesses. First, the monsters are vulnerable to high-frequency sounds that make their outer layer pervious to gunfire and other weapons. Second, the monsters can’t swim.

Why is a quiet place scary?

There are a few parts that are scary, such as when the monster’s head is shown, and when the monster’s full body appears. There is a bit of gore, like when the mother shoots the monster, but other than that, it is a great movie.


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