How old is Vivo from the movie Vivo?

The 14-year-old Dominican American actress makes her big screen debut in the animated musical on Netflix, with songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Is the movie Vivo based on a true story?

Box office$1.3 million

What kind of bird is in Vivo?

The second big Lin-Manuel Miranda musical of the summer, Vivo follows a singing kinkajou named Vivo (voiced by Miranda himself), who ventures from his home in Havana to Miami on an important errand.

How does Vivo travel to Florida?

The Sand Dollars vow to get Vivo to safety, while Rosa finds the website for bus tickets and realizes what Gabi is up to. Gabi makes a small boat to sail on as they get off the larger boat. They end up sailing into the Everglades and try to navigate through an increasingly dangerous storm (“Keep The Beat”).

Is Vivo about Cuba?

Film & TV Features Animated Movie Musical Vivo Is a Love Letter to Cuba, Wild Girls, and the Power of Music The film, streaming now on Netflix, reunites In the Heights trio Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alex Lacamoire, and Quiara Alegría Hudes.

How old is the girl who plays Gabi in Vivo?

13-year-old Ynairaly Simo stars as Gabi in ‘Vivo’. – According to IMDb, Ynairaly was born to Dominican parents Ydamys and Joseph Simo, and started acting at only 5 years old.

Is Gabi from Vivo black?

Appearance. Gabi is a 10-year-old girl of Cuban descent with brown eyes.

What does Vivo mean?

In vivo is a scientific term indicating that something has been observed in a living being, as in an animal experiment or a clinical trial of a new drug. If you were testing your new energy drink by observing a group of subjects as they tried it, you could say your experiment was in vivo, or tested on living people.

Who is the old man in vivo?

Vivo and his elderly human owner Andrés (Juan de Marcos González) make beautiful music together, and the modern-classic mash-up they perform in a downtown Havana square delights all of the people who happen to pass by. These two best friends have a good thing going on, and Vivo never wants it to change.

Can humans understand Vivo?

Humans can’t hear Vivo talk. – He makes little kinkajou noises and squeaks, but when he speaks English, humans can’t understand him. Yet music is the great unifier. Quiara says this communication style was a lot of trial and error.


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