How old is Megamind in the movie?

Megamind is a super-intelligent alien who, at only eight days old, is sent to Earth by his parents as his home planet is destroyed by a black hole.

What is Megamind’s age?

(He arrived on Christmas morning, leading most fans to presume that his birthday is around December 15th.) We also know that he is a little older than his love interest, Roxanne Ritchi, who, according to, is thirty years old when the narrative occurs.

What race is Megamind?

Megamind’s Species are a sapient race of blue-skinned humanoid aliens. They are now mostly extinct, and the last, most famous member of them is Megamind himself.

What is Megaminds birthday?

So, in the movie it is stated that Megamind is only 8 days old when he leaves his home planet and arrives on Earth on Christmas morning. Assuming both, that those “8 days” refer to Earth days, and his trip lasted less than one Earth Day, it can be assumed that his birthday is around December 16th or 17th.

Is Metro Man a good guy?

Rather than using his powers against others, he was too responsible and good-hearted to use them even against Pete Ross. Metroman is adopted by super-wealthy parents, and is essentially a trust-fund baby, while Superman was adopted by a farm family. He grows up with a good work ethic and hometown values.

Is Megamind a girl or boy?

Biographical Information
Hair colorBlack (Bald)

Who is Megamind sidekick?

Minion is the henchman/sidekick to the supervillain/hero Megamind in the animated comedy film Megamind. He is played by David Cross.

What is Megaminds personality?

intelligent, bumbling, and egomaniacal. As his name suggests, Megamind possesses an incredible mind. However, his intellect has made him arrogant and self-important. Despite his smarts, Megamind is very awkward and clumsy, and his plans never really seem to take off.

Did Megamind get the girl?

He expresses that it’s because he is a bad guy and doesn’t win, doesn’t fly into the sunset, and doesn’t get the girl. He leaves Roxanne feeling guilty and he goes back to prison. Later, when Roxanne is captured by Titan, she pleas with Megamind through video to become the guy he used to be that would never give up.


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