How many views did Without Remorse get?

The 760 million for “Without Remorse” is impressive, and it isn’t always that an Amazon Prime Video title beats out standbys on Netflix or Disney+.

How much did Michael B Jordan make for Without Remorse?

Jordan was paid for the film. The actor received a solid $15 million paycheck, just a tick under the minimum $20 million that Hollywood’s biggest stars are generally expected to receive.

Is Michael B. Jordan Jamaican?

The African American actor, best known for his role as Erik Killmonger on the widely acclaimed Black Panther movie, received much criticism after his girlfriend Lori Harvey posted the rum on her Instagram stories on Saturday.

What was Michael B. Jordan last movie?

Jordan most recently starred in the action film “Without Remorse” earlier this year and the legal drama “Just Mercy” in 2019. He also made a cameo appearance as himself in the Warner Bros.

Is Michael B Jordan doing another Tom Clancy movie?

Michael B. Jordan stars in Without Remorse, which is the new cinematic origin of Tom Clancy’s CIA operative John Clark. Without Remorse also set up a sequel which is expected to be titled Rainbow Six and will adapt Clancy’s novel about John Clark forming an elite team to fight global terrorists.

Who streams Without Remorse?

Without Remorse is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.


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