How many The Stepfather films are there?

Is there a stepfather 2 movie?

Stepfather II (also known as Stepfather II: Make Room for Daddy) is a 1989 American psychological thriller film directed by Jeff Burr and written by John Auerbach. It is a sequel to The Stepfather (1987) and stars Terry O’Quinn as the title character.

Does The Stepfather 2009 have a sequel?

“Lost”‘ John Locke – Terry O’Quinn! The Stepfather escapes an insane asylum and winds up in another town, this time impersonating a marriage counselor. Now he seems to have found the perfect future wife, with a stepson who loves him.

What is the plot of The Stepfather?

When Michael Harding (Penn Badgley) returns home from military school, he discovers that his mother (Sela Ward) has a new man, named David (Dylan Walsh), in her life. Though David makes Michael’s mother very happy, Michael cannot seem to shake feelings of distrust. He becomes increasingly suspicious of the man and wonders if the pleasant exterior hides a sinister side.

Is The Stepfather 2009 a true story?

The film was directed by Nelson McCormick and stars Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Amber Heard and Jon Tenney. The original was directed by Joseph Ruben and shot from a script by Donald Westlake. The films are loosely based on the crimes of mass murderer John List.


The Stepfather 1987

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The Stepfather (1987) Trailer

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