How many Police Story movies are there?

How many super cop movies are there?

Police Story 警察故事系列
Box officeUS$265 million ( est. )

Where was Police Story 3 filmed?

Exterior scenes were filmed in Hong Kong Island, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. Interior scenes were shot in Kuala Lumpur. According to his book I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action, Chan dislocated his cheekbone during a stunt scene.

What does Super Cop mean?

Definition of supercop – : an extremely capable and successful police officer Die Hard 2 supercop Bruce Willis samples life on the wrong side of the law in an upcoming movie …—

Is Police Story lockdown a sequel?

Police Story 2013 (also known as Police Story: Lockdown) is a 2013 Chinese-Hong Kong action crime thriller film directed and written by Ding Sheng, and starring Jackie Chan in another reboot of the Police Story film series.

Is Police Story 2 dubbed?

Just like the first Police Story, the American New Line Cinema cut of the film uses the international cut as a base, but is completely re-dubbed, with Ping Wu dubbing Jackie Chan and using J. Peter Robinson’s music from First Strike and Rumble in the Bronx.

How many seasons did Police Story run?

Police Story
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes98 (list of episodes)
Executive producerDavid Gerber

Who played Chan?

What is Police Story Rated?


How long is Police Story?

1h 29m

Who directed Police Story?

Jackie Chan


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