How many movies have Steven Spielberg directed?

Here are all 32 of Spielberg’s feature-length movies ranked from worst to best, according to Business Insider.

How many movies Steven Spielberg has directed?

Steven Spielberg movies: All 32 feature films ranked from worst to best [PHOTOS] The career of director Steven Spielberg has practically defined modern blockbusters, but he’s also been able to craft more personal films as well.

Has Steven Spielberg ever directed a musical?

Steven Spielberg Says West Side Story Will Be the Only Movie Musical He Directs in His Career. For Steven Spielberg, movie musicals are a one-and-done deal.

How many films did Steven Spielberg make together?

While he’s had his share of duds, the man has continued to challenge himself, tackling different genres and subject matters along the way. Here’s our ranking of all 33 of Spielberg’s feature films, including West Side Story, out this week.

Did Spielberg directed Forrest Gump?

In 1995, Steven Spielberg won the Oscar for best directing for the film Forrest Gump.

How many Steven Spielberg films is Tom Hanks in?

And it effectively brought the number of Hanks-Spielberg movies to five.

Which actor starred in most Spielberg movies?

Harrison Ford has starred in the leading role in all four installments of Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones franchise, from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ford was also offered a small role as the school principal in 1982’s E.T.

Has Steven Spielberg written any movies?

Throughout his career, Spielberg has been instrumental in crafting the stories his movies tell. Case in point, he carries story credit and The Sugarland Express and The Goonies, the former of which he also directed. And he co-wrote the screenplays for Poltergeist and A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

How much does Steven Spielberg get paid per movie?

For his own films, Steven frequently opts for a relatively low upfront salary, $10 million, in exchange for backend points on the gross revenue.


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