How many movies are in Batman death in the family?

An anthology series of 5 DC showcase: Death in the Family, Sgt.

How many versions of Batman death in the family are there?

Instead, the digital release will consist of four distinct, non-interactive versions of the movie.

Should I watch Death in the Family before Under the Red Hood?

This movie is a blatant cash-grab a old movie called under the Red Hood which was amazing and pretty much 80% of the film. Do not bother watching just watch under the Red Hood. Pretty much covers death in the family which is a four-part comic series and amazing. Was this review helpful?

What if Jason Todd survived?

Fandom. What if Jason Todd had never died? Batman wouldn’t have become as dark and depressed after and Tim probably wouldn’t have tried to become Robin immediately, although he probably would have figured out Bruce’s identity. Jason, however, did have an anger problem which possibly led to the death of Felipe Garzonas.

How do you choose batman death in the family?

  1. 3 Jason Goes After the Joker.
  2. 4 Two-Faces Chooses To: Kill Jason/Let Jason Go.
  3. 5 Jason: Turns Himself In/Escapes The Cops.
  4. 6 Jason Doesn’t Go After The Joker.
  5. 7 Jason Lives/Batman Dies.
  6. 8 Jason Survives the Explosion.

What should I read after Batman death in the family?

  • Introduction.
  • Death of the Family Arc.
  • Batman: Death of the Family.
  • Batgirl: Death of the Family.
  • Nightwing: Death of the Family.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws: Death of the Family.
  • Catwoman: Death of the Family.
  • Detective Comics: Emperor Penguin.

What should I watch after Batman death in the family?

Magic and Monsters (2020) Batman: Death in the Family (2020) Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021) Batman: The Long Halloween – Part 1 (2021)

How many robins are there?

To date, there have been five Robins in Batman’s mainstream continuity. Just like Dick Grayson, and their mentor, most of them have their fair share of tragedy. But they’ve made it through several DC Crises and even death to form a crucial part of Gotham’s extended Bat-Family.

Will there be a Batman death of the family movie?

Batman: Death in the Family is a 2020 American animated interactive short film based on alternate outcomes of the storyline of the same name. It is a spiritual sequel to Batman: Under the Red Hood and was released on Blu-ray on October 13, 2020.

Why did Joker cut his face off?

Origins. When the Joker became obsessing over destroying the Bat-Family, he decided to arrange for his face to be surgically removed. According to the Joker, he did this to symbolize how even without his, “Mask” he was still the joker where-as Batman’s Robins and Bat-Girls’ identities were only mask-deep.

Is red hood part of the bat family?

Red Hood is the member of the Bat Family who has obviously deviated from Batman’s creed and method the most often and as a result he is held in contempt by many of his peers, including Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne.

Is Batman: Death in the Family worth watching?

Critic Reviews for Batman: Death in the Family – A more natural fit than most recent forays into interactivity. That’s not to say Batman: Death in the Family isn’t a gimmick too, but at least it’s a fun, inventive one — and a pretty clever way to kill time on a long, dark night.

Is Death in the Family a sequel to Under the Red Hood?

Batman: Death in the Family is an American animated short film based on the storyline with the same name. It is also a follow-up to the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood. Death in the Family was released October 13, 2020 on Blu-ray and DVD.

How did Jason Todd come back to life?

After spending a year in a coma and subsequently as an amnesiac vagrant, he is recognized by a petty criminal who soon informs Talia al-Ghul. After some time, Talia restores his health and memory by immersing him in a Lazarus Pit in which her father Ra’s is also bathing.

In what order do I watch the Batman animated movies?

  1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)
  2. Batman: Subzero (1998) – more info.
  3. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)
  4. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003)
  5. The Batman vs Dracula (2005)
  6. Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)
  7. Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

How many Batman animated movies are there?

  • #1. The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)
  • #2. Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One (2021)
  • #3. Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two (2021)
  • #4. Batman Vs.
  • #5. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)
  • #6. Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)
  • #7. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (2012)
  • #8. Batman vs.

Is Batman Dead?

As you can see, even though Batman is technically dead in the pages of Justice League #75 and its aftermath in ‘Dark Crisis’, there’s another version of the Caped Crusader who exists right alongside the Justice League version, though at a separate and earlier point in DC continuity.

What comes after Batman: Under the Red Hood?

Continuation. A follow-up film titled Batman: Death in the Family was released on October 13, 2020, a decade after Under the Red Hood with Greenwood, Martella, and DiMaggio reprising their roles. Zehra Fazal plays Talia al Ghul and Gary Cole plays both Two-Face and Commissioner Gordon.

Does HBO Max have Batman: Death in the Family?

Watch Batman: Death in the Family – Stream Movies | HBO Max.

What is the age rating of Batman: Death in the Family?

Batman: Death in the Family earns it’s R, but it’s ok for older teens. The Common Sense Media review pretty much covered it, it’s okay, pretty repetitive though.

Is Batman a family movie?

The newest Batman film starring Robert Pattinson is quite dark and not kid friendly for younger ages. With a PG-13 rating that includes A LOT of language, violence, and depressing content, here’s what parents need to know about The Batman.

Is there 2 versions of Batman death in the family?

Even though the running time of any one version of the movie will be fairly short, there appear to be quite a few different possible story combinations, along with several alternate endings. Viewers will also have the option to passively watch the movie, with the Blu-ray automatically choosing story paths.

Why is Robin Red Hood?

Jason Todd, the former Robin killed by the Joker in Batman: A Death in the Family, is revealed to have been resurrected by Ra’s al Ghul via the Lazarus Pit. But the pit changes him and his emotions and he becomes the new Red Hood. His debut culminates in a fateful confrontation with those he feels have wronged him.

Who is Jason in Batman death of the family?

Jason Todd first appeared in Batman #357. His origin may seem familiar. Perhaps even too familiar. Like Dick Grayson, he was a circus acrobat who lost his parents to crime.

How long is Batman a death in the family movie?

1h 36m

What did Joker do to Barbara Gordon?

One of his torture tactics is to hurt Gordon’s daughter Barbara. The Joker shoots her, paralyzing her and ending her career as Batgirl, before stripping her down and taking pictures of her to show to her father.

Why is under the red hood so good?

He’s a character defined by hurt and loss – the suffering and failures he has endured while fighting simply to stay alive in an uncertain world. The reason that the animated Batman: Under the Red Hood works so well is because it manages to capture that observation perfectly in its relatively tight runtime.

What comes before Batman: Death in the Family?

There is no reading requirement before going into the Batman: Death of the Family event. At best, Detective Comics #1, collected in Detective Comics: Faces of Death can serve as a prelude, but completely unnecessary to understand the story as everything you need to know will be mentioned in the main storyline.

What does Sgt Rock have to do with Batman?

But what are the shorts about? Sgt. Rock is executive produced and directed by Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series) from a script by award-winning comics writers Louise Simonson & Walter Simonson and Tim Sheridan (Reign of the Supermen).


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