How many Halloween Kills movies are there?

If you are wondering how many Michael Myers movies there are, the Halloween film series consists of 13 films. The latest was Halloween Kills and another is in the works, Halloween Ends, set to be released October 14, 2022!

How many more movies after Halloween Kills?

Yes! There is a plan for a sequel that will directly follow the events of Halloween Kills, titled Halloween Ends. It will be the third movie in the reboot/sequel Halloween franchise that began with the 2018 movie. This was announced by Universal back in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there a Halloween Kills 3?

When Halloween Ends was announced, it was confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis would be back again as Laurie Strode, so it’s not a spoiler to say that she survived the sequel. She said in July 2021 that the third movie will probably be her last.

Will there be another Halloween movie 2022?

‘Halloween Ends 2022’ is an upcoming American horror, thriller film directed by David Gordon Green. Producers of this film are Malek Akkad, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jason Blum, Bill Block, John Carpenter, Ryan Freimann , Couper Samuelson’ Ryan Turek, Jeanette Volturno.

Will there be anymore Michael Myers movies?

When Does ‘Halloween Ends’ Premiere? Halloween Ends is scheduled to hit theaters on October 14, 2022. The film was originally given a release date of October 15, 2021, but after Halloween Kills was pushed back a year the threequel had no choice but to move as well.

Will Halloween Ends be the last Halloween?

He clarifies that Halloween Ends is the last film that Blumhouse has the rights to produce. And while Blum ensures audiences “will be very happy” with their trilogy-ending climax, the rights will revert to Malek Akkad, leaving the future of Michael Myers out of his control.

Is Halloween Kills last one?

Halloween Kills hit theaters in time for the titular holiday, being released in both theaters and streaming on Peacock. The story will be wrapped up with the sequel Halloween Ends, which is currently expected to arrive in October of 2022.

Who has more kills Jason or Michael Myers?

Jason, and he has killed people at Camp Crystal Lake, New York City, and even in space thanks to Jason X – however, the spot of the slasher villain with the highest kill count now belongs to Michael Myers, thanks to Halloween Kills.

Who has the most horror movie kills?

Jason Voorhees takes down the competition with 158 throughout his 28-year career as a horror movie villain. That’s 29 more than Michael Myers, who has the second most on this list.

How many kills does Jason have in total?

A prolific serial killer, Jason Voorhees has killed well over 200 people, (some of which are completely off screen) over the years.

Is Michael Myers the best killer?

Though not everyone dies at the hands of Michael Myers, the masked killer still achieved a personal best in the number of kills executed in the film, and it’s enough to set the record for the most kills at the hands of any slasher in mainstream horror movie history.

How many kills were there in Halloween Kills?

The Number Of Kills – Meanwhile, in the unrated version of director Rob Zombie’s 2007 revival, there are a total of 22 deaths, but “only” 20 in the theatrical cut. In comparison, Michael kills 27 people in Halloween Kills, greatly surpassing both the original and reboot continuity marks.

Who killed Michael Myers?

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later: Michael gets crushed between a tree and an ambulance and then decapitated with an axe by Laurie Strode.

How many remakes of Halloween are there?

If you’re confused about the Halloween franchise, you’re not alone. So far, there have been 12 films, including two remakes, one film that doesn’t include any characters from the rest of the installments, and three films that are totally ignored in the events of subsequent chapters.


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