How many Evil Dead movies are there?

How many versions of Evil Dead are there?

FilmU.S. release dateProducer(s)
The Evil DeadOctober 15, 1981Robert G. Tapert
Evil Dead IIMarch 13, 1987
Army of DarknessFebruary 19, 1993
Evil DeadApril 5, 2013Robert G. Tapert, Sam Raimi, & Bruce Campbell

Do you need to watch The Evil Dead movies before Ash vs Evil Dead?

Evil Dead is a series starring Ash Williams, although the plot of this series can be followed independently with respect to the original movies.

Is Ash vs Evil Dead a sequel to Army of Darkness?

Original “Prime” Continuity (Films/TV Series) – The prime Evil Dead continuity is home to the version of Ash Williams played on-screen by Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), Army of Darkness (1993), and Ash vs Evil Dead (2015-2018).

Is Army of Darkness canon to Ash vs Evil Dead?

Army of Darkness, in regard to the universe in which Ash vs Evil Dead takes place, is no longer canon.

Is The Evil Dead 2 a remake or sequel?

Evil Dead II (also known in publicity materials as Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn) is a 1987 American comedy horror film directed by Sam Raimi. It is a remake to the 1981 horror film The Evil Dead. The film is written by Raimi and Scott Spiegel.

Are there different cuts of Evil Dead?

The fully uncut version was finally released on DVD in 2001. The 2012 Blu-Ray release has several subtle digital alterations to remove visible lighting and camera equipment, hair in the camera gate, and steadies the matte painting shots of the moon on the horizon, along with the ending stop-motion sequence.

What’s the difference between Evil Dead and Evil Dead Unrated?

The site notes 27 major and minor differences between the “Unrated Edition” and the theatrical cut, and the additional gore scenes include extended shots of Mia’s tongue slice and Natalie’s self-inflicted arm removal; two of the more gruesome sequences in the film.

How many Ash vs Evil Dead movies are there?

The Evil Dead is a series of four horror films created by Sam Raimi. The films focus on the protagonist, Ashley “Ash” J. Williams, who is played by Bruce Campbell. Ash deals with “deadites”, which are undead antagonists created by the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

Is there going to be an ash vs Evil Dead season 4?

Ash vs Evil Dead was cancelled before season 4. The Evil Dead sequel gave viewers a look into the later life of horror icon Ash Williams, famously played by Bruce Campbell. By transitioning the franchise into a TV series, the creators were able to expand the Evil Dead mythos across three season.

Why was Bruce Campbell in Spider Man?

Campbell first appeared in 2002’s Spider-Man as the wrestling ring announcer who forced Peter to change his moniker from “the Human Spider” to “the Amazing Spider-Man.” In the 2004 sequel, Campbell plays a strict theater usher who refuses to allow Peter late entrance into Mary Jane’s performance in The Importance of

Is Ash Williams in Marvel?

The Army of Darkness is a five-issue 2007 comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics in association with Dynamite Entertainment, an intercompany crossover in which Ash Williams, hero of the popular Evil Dead film and comic book, finds himself in the Marvel Zombies setting, a world of flesh-eating zombified

Is Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix?

In the meantime, the entire three season run of Starz’s series “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is currently streaming on Netflix, so you can binge the whole bloody saga that brought Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams back to the screen for one last epic battle with those nasty Deadites.

Will there be an Evil Dead 4?

The Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless-led Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead scratched the undead itch for some fans, but for others, it only left them wanting more. Now, we finally have word that Evil Dead 4 is happening.

Who is the girl at the end of Ash vs. Evil Dead?

Lexx is a character who appears briefly in the final episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, namely The Mettle of Man. She is played by Jessica Green.

Will Evil Dead Rise continue from Ash vs. Evil Dead?

Sam Raimi Promises ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Is a “Terrifying” Return for the Franchise. This year marks the return of the Evil Dead franchise, with brand new movie Evil Dead Rise set to debut exclusively on HBO Max here in 2022. We don’t yet have a release date at this time, but we expect it won’t be much longer now.

What should I watch after Ash vs. Evil Dead?

  1. 1 Bubba Ho-Tep. Fans of Bruce Campbell owe it to themselves to watch the role that rivals Ash Williams for his best performance.
  2. 2 Ghostbusters.
  3. 3 Starship Troopers.
  4. 4 Mars Attacks!
  5. 5 Mad Max: Fury Road.
  6. 6 Tremors.
  7. 7 Return Of The Living Dead.
  8. 8 Big Trouble In Little China.

Why is there no evil in Dead 4?

The Consequences of Evil Dead 4 – Raimi and producer Rob Tapert claimed that they were “never going to do a sequel,” which Award argued was proof that the two gave up the rights to their franchise.

Why are there 2 Evil Dead movies?

Different distributors had come in to release Evil Dead in both theatrical and home video formats and Raimi simply didn’t have the rights to any footage of the first feature. Therefore, they had to reshoot it.


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