How long are The Animatrix movies?

How long is The Animatrix movie?

1h 41m

Is The Animatrix part of The Matrix?

With four of the nine shorts written by the Wachowskis themselves, The Animatrix is considered Matrix canon. While the collection of animated short films are housed within the anthology, the individual shorts take place at various points along the Matrix timeline.

Is Matrix inspired by anime?

The Matrix also helped popularize some of the John Woo movies and classic anime among western audiences. In interviews, the Wachowskis openly referenced the likes of Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and Ninja Scroll as inspirations for The Matrix.

In what order should I watch The Matrix trilogy?

To watch the Matrix movies in chronological order, watch The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and The Matrix Resurrections. To watch the Matrix movies in true chronological order, you’ll have to watch them in the context of the nine animated Animatrix films also created by the Wachowskis.

Is The Matrix anime?

The Wachowskis borrowed so much from a classic 1995 anime in making The Matrix that it’s effectively a live-action remake.

How far into the future is The Matrix?

2199 was the Real World year (as assumed by Zion) when Neo was extracted from the Matrix.

How many stories are in Animatrix?

These eight short stories have a lot more philosophy than some of the sequels. 22 years after the release of The Matrix, there’s little that hasn’t been said about the trilogy, the Wachowskis, and the way they shaped cinema for many years to come.

Is Animatrix OK for kids?

The Animatrix (A.K.A. – Based on the film series and game series, “The Matrix”. 17+ without parental guidance and 12+ with parental guidance.

Do I need to watch Matrix 3 before 4?

The Matrix Resurrections star Carrie-Anne Moss reveals that audiences do not need to watch the first three Matrix movies before viewing the fourth.

Why were the last two Matrix movies released the same year?

Originally, the Wachowskis wanted to release The Matrix Reloaded in May and The Matrix Revolutions in June. This release schedule may have helped the perception of the sequels, as they were really one large movie, split in two.

Is there a prequel to The Matrix?

Of the nine films, the Wachowskis themselves only wrote one of them, Final Flight of the Osiris, which is very similar to the original three Matrix films and is intended as a direct prequel to the events of The Matrix Reloaded.


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