How is Chiru Sarja related to Arjun Sarja?

Chiru’s uncle Arjun Sarja, who he was very close to, shared some priceless memories through three photos that ranged from his childhood to much later. He also wrote, “It has been a year, but I will miss you for a lifetime Chiru magane..

How are Chiru and Arjun related?

Early life and family – He comes from a family of people associated with South Indian film industry; his maternal grandfather Shakti Prasad, uncle Arjun Sarja and younger brother Dhruva Sarja are all actors, while another uncle Kishore Sarja was a director.

Who are the sons of Arjuna?

From his four wives, Arjuna had four sons, one from each wife — Shrutakarma, Iravan, Babhruvahana and Abhimanyu.

Is Allu Arjun Chiranjeevi nephew?

Meet Allu Arjun’s family of stars: From dad Allu Aravind, brother Allu Sirish, cousin Ram Charan to uncle Chiranjeevi.

How is Meghna Raj related to Arjun Sarja?

MEGHANA’S FRIENDSHIP DAY POST FOR CHIRANJEEVI SARJA – Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja was Meghana Raj’s husband. They dated for nearly 10 years before tying the knot in 2018. In an interview, Meghana revealed Chiranjeevi’s uncle Arjun Sarja played cupid for their relationship.

How are Dhruva Sarja and Arjun Sarja related?

Personal life. Dhruva Sarja’s brother Chiranjeevi Sarja, an actor in Kannada films, died on 7 June 2020. Their maternal uncle Arjun Sarja is a South Indian actor. Their grandfather Shakti Prasad was also an actor in Kannada films.

What happened Arjun Sarja?

BENGALURU: Popular south Indian actor Arjun Sarja has been cleared of sexual misconduct charges levelled against him by south Indian actress Sruthi Hariharan when she came out with her ‘#MeToo’ story.

Is Chiranjeevi Sarja brother of Arjun Sarja?

Arjun Sarja
RelativesKishore Sarja (brother) Chiranjeevi Sarja (nephew) Dhruva Sarja (nephew) Rajesh (father-in-law) Karunanidhi family

Who is Chiranjeevi Sarja uncle?

His uncle, Kannada actor Arjun Sarja posted a series of pictures with his nephew. The two were extremely close. Arjun Sarja has been a pillar of support for Meghana Raj in this period along with Dhruva Sarja.


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