How do you search Netflix for real movies?

Find Only Originals – It’s almost overwhelming and hard to keep up with. But, if you want to see only the original content, head to on the web, or head to the Categories > Netflix Originals section in the app on the device you’re watching it on.

How do I filter Netflix search?

It has been added on the top right corner beside the search and profiles button. Previously, filters were available on the home page but it was very basic and allowed to choose only categories while the new one is advanced and gives more options to easily refine and find the type of shows/movies you are looking for.

How do I use Netflix profanity filter?

Netflix doesn’t have its own profanity filter. However, tools like ClearPlay, Vidangel, or Advanced Profanity Filter all have support for Netflix. There’s a special plugin for Netflix, called the Netflix Profanity Filter, but there’s not a big difference between that and the Advanced Profanity Filter.

How do I delete my top searches on Netflix?

  1. Open Netflix in the browser of your choice.
  2. Hover over your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Account.
  4. Click Viewing Activity under My Profile.
  5. Click the X next to a title to remove it from your viewing history.
  6. Click Remove Series?

Can you search Netflix by category?

Just tap the “Categories” button at the top of the home screen for an alphabetical list of options. On mobile devices, Categories get prominent billing. To browse Netflix by genre on the web, click the “TV Shows” or “Movies” tab at the top.

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