How accurate is the movie Breach?

Accuracy. The filmmakers fictionalized much of Eric O’Neill’s story, as mentioned in the end credits. Among the major changes made for the film: The real O’Neill knew going in that Hanssen was the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.

What person is the movie Breach based on?

Former FBI agent Eric O’Neill and film director/screenwriter Billy Ray collaborated on the film Breach, based on the true story of FBI operative Robert Hanssen, who was found guilty of treason, and the FBI agent (O’Neill) who was assigned to Hanssen to draw him out of deep cover.

What is the film Breach about?

Fleeing a devastating plague on Earth, an interstellar ark comes under attack from a new threat — a shape-shifting alien force intent on slaughtering what’s left of humanity.

Where was Breach filmed?

Production took place in Fitzgerald, Georgia at TMG Studios, filming for three weeks in September and October 2019.

Is there any nudity in the movie Breach?

There is a pornographic video tape played on a TV for a moment. We hear moaning, see the male’s bare back, and very briefly see the female’s nipple.

What happened Breach game?

Breach was an action role-playing game developed by American studio QC Games, a former studio of ex-BioWare and EA Games developers. The game was released on Steam Early Access on January 17, 2018, but its development was cancelled entirely on April 3, 2019, along with the closure of the studio itself.


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