How accurate is The Guilty movie?

Before making the film, Möller was inspired by a real 911 emergency call and the true-crime podcast, Serial. So, while the exact happenings of the plot and the characters are fictional, both Den Skyldige and its remake, The Guilty, are based on real elements from real crimes.

Is the guilty copied?

The Guilty
Based onDen skyldige by Gustav Möller Emil Nygaard Albertsen

What film is The Guilty a remake of?

Kusur , because like The Guilty, it is an adaptation of Den Skyldige (2018), a Danish film directed by Gustav Möller; Hollywood Clichés for its comment on the phasing out of the maverick cop.

Who was Matthew Fontenot in The Guilty?

Fans may recognize the voice of Matthew Fontenot as none other than actor Paul Dano, the celebrated star of films like “There Will Be Blood,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Prisoners,” and “Love & Mercy.” In addition to big Hollywood films, Dano has made a number of celebrated small screen appearances in miniseries like “War

Is The Guilty a Netflix original?

“The Guilty” was released on Netflix on Oct. 1 featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as the main character, Joe Baylor. Joe is a 911 operator who was recently demoted from his position as a police officer for an unnamed reason.

Was The Guilty based on a book?

The short answer is… kind of. The Guilty is actually a remake of a 2018 Danish film called Den Skyldige (which translates to The Guilty), which reportedly was based on true events. The original movie’s director, Gustav Möller, said it was inspired by a real 911 call he listened to on YouTube.

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