Does Last Night in Soho contain nudity?

No sexual violence is explicitly shown, only implied. One brief moment features strong sex, as a woman is seen giving oral sex to a man; there is no nudity, and it passes to the next scene/shot quickly.

Are there any inappropriate scenes in Last Night in Soho?

In one scene, a woman is seen performing oral sex. There is much profanity, including two uses of “c–t” and multiple uses of “f–k” and “whore.” Characters drink and smoke throughout — the latter mostly in the 1960s, depicting that era — and there is occasional drug use.

Does perfume have nudity?

We see several completely nude, dead women (their bare breasts, buttocks, pubic regions are visible). A male infant’s genitals are visible. ► A camera shot focuses on a young woman’s ample cleavage. Women wear extremely low-cut period dresses in several scenes, revealing cleavage and sometimes shoulders.

Is Last Night in Soho appropriate for kids?

Last Night in Soho is rated R for bloody violence, sexual content, language, brief drug material and brief graphic nudity. This movie is not appropriate for kids under 17.

Is Last Night in Soho bloody?

Groovy music, gruesome murder and classic movie tropes make for a great viewing experience in “Last Night in Soho.” Set in the bustling neighborhood of London’s West End and adorned with plenty of 1960s bops and swinging shift dresses, this new psychological thriller starring newcomer Thomasin McKenzie and crowd-

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