Does Kate Middleton use a stylist?

However, the shoes worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at her most recent royal engagement may have disclosed more about Kate’s style than she intended. A little royal slip-up may have revealed that the Duchess does in fact have a stylist who helps her pull together these incredible looks.

Where does Prince Charles get his haircut?

It was collected by George Crisp, barber at Geo F Trumper Barbers and Perfumers in Mayfair, London. Crisp had previously been barber to George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s father, and regularly attended Buckingham Palace to keep Charles’ hair in check.

What kind of suits does Prince William wear?

We recently learned of his penchant for Italian brand Luca Faloni, he’s a fan of Arthur Sleep shoes and he gets his morning suits from Gieves & Hawkes.

Who does Kate Middleton’s hair?

Kate Middleton never goes anywhere with a hair out of place. – She and husband Prince William are visiting Sweden and Norway this week and of the many staff members accompanying them, one of the most important for Kate will be her personal hairdresser, Amanda Cook Tucker.

What should Prince William do with his hair?

If your hair loss is severe, and if it’s more around the crown and on the top of the scalp, like Prince William’s, my advice would be to just be bold and shave your hair off. Wear it short, and wear it with pride!

Who is Prince William’s tailor?

Thom Sweeney. A favourite of Prince William – and also of guests at his wedding – Thom Sweeney is a classic Savile Row tailor fit for the modern dapper gentleman. Known for its incredible three-piece suits and outerwear, every gentleman deserves a piece of Thom Sweeney.

Where does Kate Middleton buy her coat dresses?

  • Kate Middleton has adopted the failsafe style of elegant coat dresses for her working wardrobe.
  • Princess Diana owned multiple coat dresses designed by her friend Catherine Walker.


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