Does h2o happen after Halloween 2?

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) – Surprise! This timeline pretends that they just never existed. H20 is instead a direct sequel to Halloween II, and although it sort-of acknowledges Laurie’s car crash “death” from Halloween 4, it turns out she faked it and is now living as headteacher Keri Tate.

Is Halloween h2o after Halloween 2?

Not making reference to the Jamie Lloyd story arc of the previous three installments, H20 is a direct sequel to the first two films and follows a post-traumatic Laurie Strode, who has faked her death in order to go into hiding from her brother, Michael Myers, who finds her working at a private boarding school in

How is Michael Myers alive in H20?

Halloween: Resurrection explained that Michael Myers switched places with a paramedic, crushing his larynx in the process so he couldn’t speak and swapping their clothes, so the “Michael” that Laurie decapitated was actually an innocent man (who, surprisingly enough, was the same size as the real one).

Is Halloween: Resurrection after H20?

The film is a direct sequel to Halloween H20 and it stars Busta Rhymes, Bianca Kajlich, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ryan Merriman, Sean Patrick Thomas, Tyra Banks and Jamie Lee Curtis, with Brad Loree as the primary villain Michael Myers.

Who survives in Halloween: Resurrection?

2018’s Halloween reboot from Blumhouse created the fourth, and hopefully final, timeline to exist within the overall franchise. Laurie Strode is again resurrected, and survives the film. Dr. Loomis has died of natural causes in the years since the original Halloween, to which this is a direct sequel.

What happened after Halloween H20?

Halloween: Ressurection followed H20 – Four years later came Halloween: Ressurection. This is a proper sequel to H20 taking place in the same continuity. H20 ended on a pretty conclusive note, but unfortunately, Ressurection has to retcon it in order to justify another installment.


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