Does Free Guy contain swearing?

There is a crude comment relating to male sexual arousal. Profanity: There is one use of extreme profanity, 15 uses of scatological cursing, and occasional use of mild profanities and terms of deity.

Does Free Guy have F words?

Language includes a use of “f–k,” a near use of “motherf—-r” (a well-placed cut saves the day), and some uses of “s–t,” “ass,” “goddamn,” etc. There are some jokey references to other Disney-owned brands.

Why is red rated R?

Red is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of action violence and brief strong language. Violence: Characters in this film are shot, blown up, beaten and frequently threatened with weapons.

Is Free Guy autistic?

While the film’s eponymous character is never explicitly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Forrest Gump’s triumph over his mental and physical setbacks pays homage to individuals who struggle with any kind of intellectual, developmental, or mental disorder.

What swear words are in Free Guy?

  • Moderate.
  • One use of “f**k”, and several uses of “s**t” and other milder profanities.
  • One girl says “mother–” but it is cut off.
  • A few scattered uses of “hell” and “damn.”

Should a 13 year old watch Free Guy?

Free Guy is rated PG-13 for language, crude and suggestive references, and strong fantasy violence which means some material is not suitable kids. Parents should know there is quite a bit of language and crude sexual references. What is this?


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