Does Dolittle have a post credit scene?

With Dolittle hitting theaters this weekend, moviegoers may be wondering whether they need to stick around for any credits scenes or teases. In fact, Dolittle DOES have a post-credits scene. Specifically, it has a mid-credits scene located after the initial portion of the credits, but nothing at the very end.

How much did they pay Robert Downey Jr for Dolittle?

Variety reported a few months back that Robert Downey Jr., upfront, made $20 million dollars for Dolittle, which should be factored into that huge budget.

How much did Robert Downey Jr make for Avengers 4?

Likewise, Downey Jr. earned at least $75 million from Avengers: Endgame. Per Forbes, this breaks down to an upfront payment of $20 million and then an 8% back-end profit from the film rounding up to $55 million in monetary gain.

How does Dolittle 2020 end?

Dolittle (2020) ending – That’s right… constipated. Being the good doctor he is, our brave protagonist decides to, politely speaking, help remove the clog. This involves him going up to his shoulders inside the dragon’s anus, and he pulls out a bunch of random things, from bones to bagpipes!

What happened to Doolittle’s wife?

He has the ability to communicate with animals, and he would travel the world with his beloved wife Lily (Kasia Smutniak), finding other scared or hurt animals and bringing them to their sanctuary. One day, Lily went sailing on a voyage with Poly, but she was caught in a terrible storm where she perished.

Who Dies Dr Dolittle?

Dolittle 2′ Star Bart the Bear II Dies at 21. Bart the Bear II, a grizzly bear who appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including “Dr. Doolittle 2,” died earlier this month of natural causes, Lynne and Doug Seus, co-founders of the Vital Ground Foundation, confirmed in a blog post.

Does Dolittle Save the Queen?

Dolittle: Saving the Queen HD CLIP

What happens Dr Dolittle?

Dr. John Dolittle lives in a small English village where he specializes in caring for and verbally communicating with animals. When Dr. Dolittle is unjustly sent to an insane asylum for freeing a lovesick seal from captivity, his animals and two closest human friends, Matthew Mugg and Tommy Stubbins, liberate him.

What happens at the end of Dolittle?

involving him pulling stuff out of a dragon’s constipated butt. No, you’re not having a stroke — that’s literally what happens at the end of Dolittle. After the big climactic battle scene, Downey Jr.’s Dr. Dolittle diagnoses what’s wrong with an ill dragon, and it ends up being a clogged anus.

Why did Dr Dolittle fail?

Dolittle’s Budget Was Far Too Big – By far the biggest contributing factor to Dolittle’s failure lies in the movie’s enormous $175 million budget. Given its opening weekend numbers, the sad reality is that Universal vastly overspent on Dolittle, seriously overestimating the movie’s prospects for success.


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