Does Bride of Chucky take place after child’s Play 3?

Child’s Play 3 (1991) took place 8 years later, in 1998, and Bride of Chucky takes place in 1998 as well, only about one month later, and features the first appearance of “Stitched Chucky”, due his “death by fan” at the end of the third movie.

What Chucky is after Child’s Play 3?

Sequels. The film was followed by Bride of Chucky in 1998, Seed of Chucky in 2004, Curse of Chucky in 2013, Cult of Chucky in 2017, and the TV series Chucky in 2021.

What happened to the Bride of Chucky?

As they are kissing, Tiffany pulls the knife out of Chucky’s pocket and stabs him. Soon, he gets up, hits her with a shovel, and they fight until he stabs and kills her.

Where does the Bride of Chucky take place?

Bride of Chucky was filmed over a twelve week period in and around Toronto, Canada.

What is the story of the Bride of Chucky?

After being cut apart by the police, killer doll Chucky (Brad Dourif) is resurrected by Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), an ex-girlfriend of the serial murderer whose soul is inside the toy. Following an argument, Chucky kills Tiffany and transfers her soul into a bride doll. To find the magical amulet that can restore them both to human form, Chucky and Tiffany arrange to be driven to New Jersey by Jesse (Nick Stabile) and Jade (Katherine Heigl), who are unaware that their cargo is alive.

How did Chucky’s wife become human?

He proceeds to transfer her soul into the bridal doll, to make her understand what it is like to be trapped in a doll body. For the both of them to be human again, Chucky explains to her a plan to use his old voodoo amulet to transfer their souls into new bodies.

How old is Andy in child’s play3?

Child’s Play 3 (1991) Eight years later, Andy is now sixteen years old. He has been thrown out of numerous foster homes, and Social Services has enrolled him at the Kent Military Academy as a last resort.

How does Chucky come back in Bride of Chucky?

Resurrecting Chucky. Chucky’s remains have been taken to a confidential evidence footlocker. Tiffany, the ex-girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray, bribes a cop into getting his remains for her, which she brings back to her trailer home. Using parts of other dolls, she sews him back together, and attempts to resurrect him.

What happens to Chucky After Child’s Play 3?

However, in the process, the workers accidentally mix Chucky’s blood into a vat of plastic. Since the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray still inhabits the remains, the mixture of the plastic and his cursed blood causes Chucky to revive. Chucky is unwittingly given to Play Pals’ CEO Mr.

Why did they change Andy in Child’s Play 3?

The simple reason for the recasting was of course that Andy had to age eight years, whereas Vincent was still only 9 years old when the film was made. He does appear twice though, via photos as young Andy at the beginning and middle of the film.

Do you have to watch child’s play before Bride of Chucky?

Child’s Play (2019) – After three decades of the same canon, the Chucky franchise was faced with a studio reboot that set aside the existing timeline (and the paranormal elements of the original franchise). That means this one is a standalone that doesn’t tie into the previous films’ watch order.

Is Bride of Chucky before Seed of Chucky?

This order covers all of the entries in the original run of films, from the introduction of Chucky in Child’s Play, through to the arrival of Tiffany (Chucky’s girlfriend/wife) in Bride of Chucky. It then continues with the addition of a television series, which in itself is a direct continuation of the film series.

How old is Chucky’s wife?

As a human, Tiffany made her debut as a young woman who is 30-years-old, which is 9 years younger than Chucky.

What is Chucky’s son’s nickname?

When Chucky and Tiffany can’t agree on the gender of their child, Chucky believes they’re a boy, even comforting him and he also gives them the name Glen. Chucky arranges a “boys’ night out” for him and Glen.

What is Chucky and Tiffany’s son’s name?

The film is set six years after Bride of Chucky and follows a young doll named Glen, the son of Chucky and Tiffany, resurrecting his parents, causing chaos.

What is Chuckys wife name?

Tiffany Valentine, portrayed by horror icon Jennifer Tilly, made her first on-screen appearance in 1998’s Bride of Chucky. Canonically speaking, though, she was actually the girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray before he became a killer doll.


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