Does A Quiet Place 2 have anything to do with the first movie?

A Quiet Place Part II provides a little context to the story that the first movie laid out. But for the most part, its focus is on expanding its universe with brand new characters. But the second movie does make one thing certain outside its monster invasion — this is Regan’s story.

Does A Quiet Place 2 relate to the first movie?

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place 2 takes the Abbott family into the wider world of the apocalypse directly after the first movie, while also repeating several key moments from A Quiet Place.

Is A Quiet Place 2 a flashback?

In this exclusive clip, Krasinski breaks down how they shot the opening flashback sequence in A Quiet Place: Part II, which takes place on Day One when the alien creatures first arrived.

How does A Quiet Place 2 start off?

The opening of A Quiet Place 2 shows the Abbott family at a baseball game. But when a strange explosion happens in the sky (which is a meteor filled with alien monsters entering the atmosphere) their game is cut short. The events that follow are the Abbott family’s first encounter with the creatures.

Why is A Quiet Place 2 so short?

Because of the thorough set-up, Krasinski provided in the original and his subsequent worldbuilding off of that for the second, the movies really don’t need to be much longer than 90 minutes.

Where does quiet place 2 pick up?

The movie then picks up right where the first ‘Quiet Place’ left off. After a few minutes of flashback, “A Quiet Place Part II” jumps to the movie’s present day, immediately after the events of the first film, which is revealed to be over a year (474 days, to be exact) since the creatures arrived on Earth.

What comes first prequel or sequel?

A prequel is a narrative work released after an existing story but consisting of events that take place before the original story. Prequels differ from sequels, which are set after an original story and proceed in chronological order.

Who is the guy at the beginning of Quiet Place 2?

Ahead of the main action of A Quiet Place Part II, Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) returns in a flashback scene. In the opening, the Abbott family attends Marcus’ (Noah Jupe) baseball game, and Lee stops at the store to pick up some post-game oranges for the players.

Is a quiet place part 2 a prequel?

The next A Quiet Place movie is officially a prequel. As part of the goings-on at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this year, Paramount Pictures revealed the title of the next installment of John Krasinski’s horror franchise, and it has some pretty clear implications.

Is A Quiet Place 2 silent the whole time?

During action scenes, the sound track sometimes goes silent, so as to give us the violence from the perspective of the deaf daughter (Millicent Simmonds, who’s superb). But the movie is light on great acting moments for Emily Blunt, who reprises her role as the mother, and that’s disappointing.


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