Did Will Smith act both parts in Gemini Man?

Will Smith had portrayed the role of two characters in the film. He essayed the role of a middle-aged assassin, Henry Brogan who was on a run from the government. The second character was of a younger clone of himself named Junior who targeted Henry.

Does Will Smith play double part in Gemini?

In “Gemini Man,” Will Smith does double duty. He plays a hit man who’s being chased by — get ready — a younger version of himself. The younger version is a clone of Smith’s character.

How did they make two Will Smiths in Gemini Man?

During production, the film was essentially shot twice, once on an actual set with Smith playing Henry opposite a stand-in for Junior and then a second time on a performance-capture stage, with Smith, wearing a body suit and facial camera, now playing Junior opposite a stand-in for Henry.

Who acted as Junior in Gemini Man?

It’s 50-year-old Will Smith (Henry) fighting 23-year-old Will Smith (Junior): aging assassin vs. his younger clone assassin. “We didn’t even think of it truly as de-aging; we thought of it as a complete creature replacement,” said Guy Williams, Weta VFX supervisor.

Where is Gemini filmed?

Gemini Man’s filming locations include Georgia, Budapest, and Cartagena! The film shoot caused quite a stir in Cartagena, and Will Smith had nothing but great things to say about the city! You can check out a video he released on his YouTube channel below praising Cartagena and highlighting his time in the city.


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