Did the movie Respect get good reviews?

It’s a damn good performance and this is a damn entertaining movie. It’s going to be a hit, and like many a flawed but beloved classic, it’s gonna play on cable for decades.

Was the movie Respect a success?

“Respect” is earning the respect of theatergoers, racking up an A grade from CinemaScore, which measures audience reaction. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a 63% “Fresh” score from critics and a 94% score from audiences. The film made 63% of its gross from Midwest and East coast audiences, Deadline reports.

What is Jennifer Hudson’s 2020 worth?

She was listed as one of the most influential people of 2020 by Time magazine. Hudson tends to keep a low profile in regards to money she earns and purchases she makes. She is said to have a net worth of $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Did respect win any awards?

NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture

How much money did respect make over the weekend?

Opening Weekend:$8,807,513 (36.3% of total gross)
Legs:2.76 (domestic box office/biggest weekend)
Domestic Share:73.8% (domestic box office/worldwide)
Theater counts:3,207 opening theaters/3,207 max. theaters, 4.3 weeks average run per theater
Infl. Adj. Dom. BO$24,278,399

Is the movie Respect a box office hit?

Despite becoming a box office bomb with a gross of over $32 million against a $55 million budget, the film received generally positive reviews from critics, with praise for the performances, the film’s production values, and costume design, but received criticism for its screenplay and runtime.

Did the movie Respect flop?

“Respect” (United Artists/$19.99) was released on the big screen on August 13 to high praise for Jennifer Hudson’s portrayal of Aretha Franklin but a disappointing gross of $17 million in its first two weeks of play in over 3,200 theaters.

What is the rating on the movie Respect?


How factual is the movie Respect?

Yes. While the movie depicts Aretha Franklin’s father, Pastor C. L. Franklin (Forest Whitaker), as being a serial womanizer, he was far worse in real life. Back when the family was still living in Memphis and C. L. was the minister of a Baptist church there, he was known for preying on his female pre-teen congregants.

How did Aretha Franklin pass away?

Aretha Franklin died of advanced pancreatic cancer on August 16, 2018, in Detroit, Michigan.



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